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Conduct and support

Research conduct

The University of Manchester is a research-led institution committed to promoting research of the highest quality. We value knowledge creation for its own sake, for the potential benefits it promises society and for the ways it enriches higher learning.

At the heart of our research is our belief in openness and the highest standards of integrity. The University encourages the dissemination of research results as widely and as publicly as possible, especially to those who will benefit most from them.

We expect research to be conducted fairly and in the most considerate way possible, in accordance with the law, best practice and in the public interest. Where it is necessary to conduct research on humans (including their tissue and organs) or on animals, it is conducted with the utmost care and respect for their welfare and rights.

We are committed to engaging world-class scholars and scientists in a culture of collegial cooperation. We encourage the open exchange of ideas within an environment that supports and rewards research of the highest quality and integrity.

Research support

The Research Office supports the University's research and provides information about research strategy and policy, research staff development, research funding, contract negotiation, research governance and ethics, and graduate education.