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Dr Andrew Crome - publications

List of publications





  • Crome, A., & McGrath, J. (Ed.) (2013). Introduction. In Time and Relative Dimensions in Faith: Religion and Doctor Who. (pp. xi-xxiv). London: Darton, Longman and Todd. . Publication link: d650b28d-c8a5-4df4-b38b-1e7a5267debd
  • Crome, A. (2013). Doctor Who: Time Travel through Faith. BBC Religion. . Publication link: 0f9dec23-8298-4fb4-a4d3-24cf5f99d0b2
  • Crome, A., & McGrath, J. (Ed.) (2013). "There never was a Golden Age”: Doctor Who, Apocalyptic Thought and British Religious History’. In Time and Relative Dimensions in Faith: Religion and Doctor Who. (pp. 189-204). London: Darton, Longman and Todd. . Publication link: 50c20f04-65b7-4542-ab0a-796f477dcd77
  • Crome, A., & McGrath, J. (2013). Time and Relative Dimensions in Faith: Religion and Doctor Who. London: Darton, Longman and Todd.. Publication link: e5eb3035-6166-4ac8-81e1-8571b8522181
  • Crome, A., & Leitch, G. (Ed.) (2013). "Ready to Outsit Eternity": Human Reactions to the Apocalypse in Doctor Who. In Doctor Who in Time and Space: Essays on Themes, Characters, History and Fandom, 1963-2012. (pp. 175-194). Publication link: f85514ad-190e-4ecb-83d1-4f29d4561a28


  • Crome, A., Searle, J. (Ed.), & Newport, K. (Ed.) (2012). Historical understandings in millennial studies : a case study of Christian Zionism. In Beyond the End: The Future of Millennial Studies. (pp. 20-46). Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix Press. . Publication link: e9430a52-b83e-4cc0-a5bb-1de7207bc9b4


  • Crome, A. (2011). Language and Millennialism in the Evolving Editions of Thomas Wilson’s Christian Dictionary (1612–1678). Renaissance and Reformation Review, 13(3), 311-337. DOI:10.1558/rrr.v13i3.311. Publication link: cc729cea-a91d-4e8f-b74b-e694cc7c526b
  • Crome, A. (2011). Constructing the political prophet in 1640s England. Seventeenth Century, 26(2), 279-298. DOI:10.1080/0268117X.2011.10555671. Publication link: 079667c2-4636-48f4-9c23-a6b213c1f0cc
  • Crome, A., Classen, A. (Ed.), & Sandige, M. (Ed.) (2011). ‘Friendship and Enmity to God and Nation: The Complexities of Jewish-Gentile Relations in the Whitehall Conference of 1655. In Friendship in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Age: Explorations of a Fundamental Ethical Discourse. (pp. 749-777). Berlin: De Gruyter. . Publication link: 65937bb7-c4d7-4458-ac75-07cf39f71e9e



  • Crome, A. (2009). The Jews and the Literal Sense: Hermeneutical approaches in the apocalyptic commentaries of Thomas Brightman University of Manchester. Publication link: ec2bc33e-2ce5-46b7-8b41-d65d0c6ba650