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Prof Andrew McGee - publications

List of publications

Authored book

  • Andrew McGee. Limitation Periods 7th edition. London: Sweet & Maxwell, 2014. eScholarID:252816
  • McGee, A. Life Assurance Contracts. Routledge Cavendish, 2006. eScholarID:4b1060
  • McGee, A. The Modern Law of Insurance. Butterworths, 2001. eScholarID:4b1038
  • McGee, A. The Modern Law of Insurance. 2001. eScholarID:4b1798
  • McGee, A. Share Capital. 1999. eScholarID:4b1797
  • McGee, A. European Insurance Law. 1997. eScholarID:4b1796
  • McGee, A. The Business of Company Law. 1995. eScholarID:4b1795
  • McGee, A. The Law and Practice of Life Assurance Contracts. 1995. eScholarID:4b1794
  • McGee, A. Limitation Periods. 1990. eScholarID:4b1792
  • McGee, A. Insurance Contract Law. 1988. eScholarID:4b1793

Edited book

  • McGee, A. The Law and Practice of Insurance in the Single Market. 1994. eScholarID:4b1799

Journal article

  • Andrew McGee. "Triggering the date of knowledge in personal injury." Journal of Professional Negligence 36(2015) . eScholarID:288672
  • Andrew McGee. "A Commercial Agent's Relations with his principal." Journal of Business Law 2013(2013) . eScholarID:196869
  • Andrew McGee. "Alteration of Risk in Insurance Law." Insurance Law Journal 24(2013) : 139-161. eScholarID:205344
  • Andrew McGee. "Alteration of Risk in Insurance Law." Insurance Law Journal(2013) . eScholarID:199464
  • Andrew McGee. "Termination of Commercial Agency - the Agent's Rights." Journal of Business Law 2012, no. 8(2012) : 782-799. eScholarID:151202
  • Andrew McGee. "Concealment of a Cause of Action: More than one loss." Journal of Professional Negligence 26, no. 4(2010) : 232-237. eScholarID:151227
  • Andrew McGee. "Accrual of Cause of Action - Sephton Again." Journal of Professional Negligence 25, no. 2(2009) : 96-102. eScholarID:151231
  • McGee, A., Gary Scanlan. "The database directive - sui generis and copyright - a practicable distinction." Journal of Business Law(2005) : 413-442. eScholarID:1b4673
  • McGee, A. "S127 Insolvency Act 1986 Practical Problems of Application." The Company Lawyer Vol 25 Issue No 4(2004) . eScholarID:1b6936
  • McGee, A., Scanlan, G. P. "Constructive Knowledge within the Limitation Act." CJQ 22(2003) : 248-264. eScholarID:1b3515
  • McGee, A. "Copyright in Character." ournal of Business Law(2003) . eScholarID:1b6937
  • McGee, A. "The Database Directive - One Step Too Far?" Commercial Liability Law Review(2002) . eScholarID:1b1094
  • McGee, A., G Scanlan. "Character Merchandising: Aspects of Legal Protection." LS 21(2001) : 226-250. eScholarID:1b1092 | DOI:10.1111/j.1748-121X.2001.tb00572.x
  • McGee, A., A Cerfontaine, G Scanlan. "Creativity and Form as Grounds for Copyright Protection in English Law." Commercial Liability Law Review(2001) : 35-47. eScholarID:1b1090
  • McGee, A. "Fidiciary Duties and Limitation Periods." CJQ(2001) : 171-181. eScholarID:1b3351
  • McGee, A., G Scanlan. "Fraud, Concealment and Mistake in the Limitation Act 1980." CJQ 20(2001) : 171-181. eScholarID:1b1091
  • McGee, A. "Imputation of Facts Aspects of S32(1)(b) Limitation Act 1980." Civil Justice Quarterly(2001) . eScholarID:1b6938
  • McGee, A., G Scanlan. "Limitation Periods for Breach of Fiduciary Duty." Civil Justice Quarterly(2001) . eScholarID:1b1093
  • McGee, A. "Economic Loss and the Running of Time." C.J.Q 19(2000) : 39-55. eScholarID:1b1088
  • McGee, A., G Scanlan. "Phantom Intellectual Property Rights." IPQ(2000) : 264-285. eScholarID:1b1089
  • McGee, A. "Exit Mechanisms in Private Companies." Company Financial and Insolvency Law Review(1999) : 234-256. eScholarID:1b1086
  • McGee, A., G Scanlan. "Genre as Intellectual Property Right." I.P.Q(1999) : 1-15. eScholarID:1b1087