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Prof David Fallows - publications

List of publications


  • Macey, P., Leach, E. E., Orden, K. V., & Fallows, D. (2015). Recent Trends in the Study of Music of the Fourteenth, Fifteenth, and Sixteenth Centuries. Renaissance Quarterly, 68(1), 187-227. . Publication link: afe5fb30-fdaf-4282-afa2-13e82515c181
  • Fallows, D., Berger, A. M. B. (Ed.), & Rodin, J. (Ed.) (2015). The most popular songs of the fifteenth century. In The Cambridge history of fifteenth-century music. (pp. 787-801). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. . Publication link: a97f219e-0afc-4e30-a075-abeaded6b437
  • Fallows, D., Zayaruznaya, A. (Ed.), Blackburn, B. J. (Ed.), & Boorman, S. (Ed.) (2015). The Velvet Songbooks. In Qui musicam in se habet: Studies in Honor of Alejandro Enrique Planchart. (pp. 551-561). Middleton, Wisconsin: American Institute of Musicology. . Publication link: 5a70a781-cb7f-46f0-bb10-fcc43901505b


  • Fallows, D., Gozzi, M. (Ed.), Ziino, A. (Ed.), & Zimei, F. (Ed.) (2014). The songs of Nicolas de Merques. In Beyond fifty years of ars nova studies at Certaldo. (pp. 461-481). Lucca: LIM. . Publication link: 6e860ac1-9a25-4ab9-8259-70b097c1802f
  • Fallows, D. (2014). Secular polyphony 1380–1420. (Musica Britannica). London: Stainer and Bell for the Musica Britannica Trust.. Publication link: 6294c3ed-07a2-45a1-bc46-3d5fc339805c
  • Fallows, D. (2014). The Henry VIII Book (British Library, Add. MS. 31922): Facsimile with introduction. (DIAMM Facsimiles, no. 4). Oxford: DIAMM Publications.. Publication link: e819a3ce-afa6-45a2-a784-a6efbc22eaac


  • Fallows, D. (2013). A word about ligatures. Early Music, 41(1), 104-107. . Publication link: 1b60984a-841a-4dfb-bfbd-cb1a14f38e02
  • Fallows, D., McGee, T. J. (Ed.), & Carter, S. (Ed.) (2013). A hidden arrangement of Gentil madonna. In Instruments, ensembles, and repertory, 1300–1600: Essays in honour of Keith Polk. (pp. 299-308). (Brepols collected essays in European culture; Vol. 4). Turnhout: Brepols. . Publication link: 608059f1-6bb6-4d4f-9be3-b2682b5c14ab
  • Fallows, D., Curti-Feininger, D. (Ed.), & Gozzi, M. (Ed.) (2013). John Bedyngham and the case of the disappearing composer. In I codici musicali trentini del quattrocento: Nuove scoperte, nuove edizioni e nuovi strumenti informatici: Atti del convegno internazionale di studi: The Trent codices: new findings, new editions and new electronic resources. (pp. 82-88). Lucca: Libreria musicale litaliana. . Publication link: 7645e86a-3c4e-4dbf-b02e-c84823ef3ec8


  • Fallows, D., Chazan, M. (Ed.), Regalado, N. F. (Ed.), & Badel, P-Y. (Ed.) (2012). Josquin Desprez and René of Anjou. In Lettres, musique et Société en Lorraine médiévale: Autour du Tournoi de Chauvency. (pp. 521-529). (Publications romanes et françaises; Vol. 255). Geneva: Librairie Droz. . Publication link: fccc9540-6bdb-4e79-8b60-7852d86b6945
  • Fallows, D., & Schmidt-Beste, T. (Ed.) (2012). Moulu's Composer Motet: Date and Context. In The Motet Around 1500: On the Relationship of Imitation and Text Treatment?. (pp. 325-333). Turnhout: Brepols. . Publication link: 51518951-95dd-459a-b63b-fd5aad5282e8
  • Fallows, D., Ammendola, A. (Ed.), Glowotz, D. (Ed.), & Heidrich, J. (Ed.) (2012). The last Agnus Dei: or: The Cyclic Mass, 1450–1600, as forme fixe. In Polyphone Messen im 15. und 16. Jahrhundert: Funktion, Kontext, Symbol. (pp. 53-63). Göttingen: V&R unipress. . Publication link: 19dbde11-892e-4eda-8efb-f926377b8672


  • Fallows, D., & Baldassarre, A. (Ed.) (2011). Ockeghem, England and O rosa bella. In Musik - Raum -- Akkord - Bild: Festschrift zum 65. Geburtstag von Dorothea Baumann. (pp. 43-57). Bern: Peter Lang. . Publication link: daa39051-228b-474b-8c01-c709e77cb3b3
  • Fallows, D., & Ferrand, F. (Ed.) (2011). Josquin des Prez. In Guide de la musique de la Renaissance. (pp. 324-345). Paris: Fayard. . Publication link: a5012dd3-586f-416b-9495-c86709648c59



  • Fallows, D. (2008). Chansonnier de Jean de Montchenu (ca. 1475): Commentary to the Facsimile of the Manuscript Rothschild 2973 (I.5.13) in the Biblioth??que Nationale de France. Valencia: Vicent García Editores.. Publication link: 2bdd636b-3de3-49f5-a7af-e750aa3cd81b


  • Fallows, D., & Deyermond, A. (Ed.) (2007). Musicology. In A Century of British Medieval Studies. (pp. 631-643). Oxford: Oxford University Press. . Publication link: a8326e55-5fc7-4c5d-bdf7-606e3686a240
  • Fallows, D., Dieckmann, S. (Ed.), Huck, O. (Ed.), Rotter-Broman, S. (Ed.), & Scotti, A. (Ed.) (2007). Ciconia's influence. In Kontinuitet und Transformation in der italienischen Vokalmusik zwischen Due- und Quattrocento. (pp. 215-224). (Musica mensurabilis; Vol. 3). Hildesheim: Georg Olms Verlag. . Publication link: 20261c79-b0b1-41af-b261-55df87551970
  • Fallows, D. (2007). Review of Stanley Boorman: Ottaviano Petrucci: A Catalogue raisonné. Journal of the American Musicological Society, 60(2), 415-421. DOI: 10.1525/jams.2007.60.2.415. Publication link: 32d6b41d-bc0d-4626-b8dd-38896b08e64f


  • Fallows, D., & Finscher, L. (Ed.) (2006). Sicher, Fridolin. In Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart: Personenteil, Band 15. (pp. 747-749). Kassel: Bärenreiter. . Publication link: 6848863a-281f-41bf-a98a-bb1cd6e35667
  • Fallows, D., Bernabei, F. (Ed.), & Lovato, A. (Ed.) (2006). Late Survival of the 15th-century Song Repertory. In Sine musica nulla disciplina...: Studi in onore di Giulio Cattin. (pp. 213-220). (Humanitas; Vol. 4). Padua: Il poligrafo. . Publication link: 7278e203-f522-4116-8096-5e00feb6d590
  • Fallows, D., Göllner, T. (Ed.), & Schmid, B. (Ed.) (2006). The Copyist formerly known as Wagenrieder: Bernhart Rem and his Circle. In Die Münchner Hofkapelle des 16. Jahrhunderts im europäischen Kontext. Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften. . Publication link: d552168c-b6e7-4dfa-8a9d-745d373ddc1d


  • Fallows, D., & Finscher, L. (Ed.) (2005). Sadie, Stanley. In Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart: Personenteil, Band 14. (pp. 777-777). Kassel: Bärenreiter. . Publication link: 13c39597-9c7d-4da1-8425-b685345260b0
  • Fallows, D., Buckle, A., & Finscher, L. (Ed.) (2005). Power, Leonel. In Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart: Personenteil, Band 13. (pp. 862-869). Kassel: Bärenreiter. . Publication link: 3525ba88-d5ed-4a27-8458-8834ae49a23f
  • Fallows, D. (2005). Josquin and popular songs. Basler Jahrbuch für historische Musikpraxis, 29, 161-171. . Publication link: d90ddb56-fd68-4c2a-9de7-f23db358b3a5
  • Fallows, D., Buckle, A., & Finscher, L. (Ed.) (2005). Picardus. In Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart: Personenteil, Band 13. (pp. 532-532). Kassel: Bärenreiter. . Publication link: daf7fe92-24e0-4586-b318-ec56788070d9
  • Fallows, D., Vikarius, L. (Ed.), & Lampert, V. (Ed.) (2005). Performing Medieval Music in the Late-1960s: Michael Morrow and Thomas Binkley. In Essays in Honor of Laszlo Somfai on His 70th Birthday: Studies in the Sources and the Interpretation of Music. (pp. 51-56). Lanham, Maryland: Scarecrow Press. . Publication link: b1e0f642-2d2b-4d59-acde-2716d570d74c
  • Fallows, D. (2005). Harmonice Musices Odhecaton ... 1501: A Quincentenary Performing Edition (Revised 3rd Edition). (3rd ed.) Amherst Early Music.. Publication link: fabb15f4-6c1c-4cb4-ab7f-7a28b4b60801
  • Fallows, D., Buckle, A., & Finscher, L. (Ed.) (2005). Pycard. In Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart: Personenteil, Band 13. (pp. 1085-1087). Kassel: Bärenreiter. . Publication link: fcd2ee86-b54a-4960-933c-40255658717d


  • Fallows, D., & Zimei, F. (Ed.) (2004). Zacara's voice ranges. In Antonio Zacara da Teramo e il suo tempo (Istituto Abruzzese di Storia Musicale: Documenti di storia musicale abruzzese). Lim Editrice. . Publication link: 32d3a73f-05bc-4093-a90d-9efcc1555c19
  • Fallows, D., & Gozzi, M. (Ed.) (2004). Josquin and Trent 91: Thoughts on Omnium bonorum plena and his Activities during the 1470s. In Manoscritti di polifonia del quattrocento europeo: Atti del convegno internazionale di studi, Trento – Castello del Buonconsiglio, 18-19 ottobre 2002. Provincia autonoma di Trento, Soprintendenza per I Beni librari e archivistici. . Publication link: 2578e03a-7016-494e-ac30-b51c96b683e1
  • Fallows, D., & Finscher, L. (Ed.) (2004). Ockeghem, Johannes. In Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart, Personenteil, vol. 12. Bärenreiter and Metzler. . Publication link: 5bb83dc7-217c-47f0-a93f-bd0fa59db501



  • Fallows, D., & Guidobaldi, N. (Ed.) (2002). French and Italian accentuation in Josquin's motets. In Regards croisés: Musiques, musiciens, artistes et voyageurs entre France et Italie au XVe siècle. Paris and Tours. . Publication link: 2abca439-e561-4fd0-ab91-0200e06b81f4
  • Fallows, D., & Latham, A. (Ed.) (2002). Musicology' and 'New musicology. In The Oxford Companion to Music. Oxford University Press. . Publication link: 35b05ab4-c0b6-4244-a6a4-1de955c205be
  • Fallows, D., & Konrad, U. (Ed.) (2002). Ballades by Dufay, Grenon and Binchois: the Boorman fragment. In Musikalische Quellen – Quellen zur Musikgeschichte: Festschrift für Martin Staehelin zum 65. Geburtstag. Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht. . Publication link: c71b15b8-0b29-42d8-b78f-30cfd380f476


  • Fallows, D. (2001). Harmonice Musices Odhecaton ... 1501: A Quincentenary Performing Edition. Amherst Early Music.. Publication link: 44fcea89-b127-4932-9706-360def9e47ac
  • Fallows, D., & Haggh, B. (Ed.) (2001). Who composed Mille regretz? In Essays on Music and Culture in Honor of Herbert Kellman. Minerve. . Publication link: 41956372-3e9e-46bf-8e6f-c51d7a131360
  • Fallows, D., Sadie, S. (Ed.), & Tyrrell, J. (Ed.) (2001). 196 articles (individual ones to be included by author). In New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (7th Edition). Grove's Dictionaries. . Publication link: 5353a635-98e3-4218-8eef-d18649ba2877
  • Fallows, D. (2001). I volumi dei canti di Petrucci: finalità e repertorio. In Basler Jahrbuch für Historische Musikpraxis (Scola Cantorum Basiliensis) - Basler Jahrbuch XXV 2001: Ottaviano Petrucci: 1501-2001. (pp. 39-52). Amadeus Verlag. . Publication link: 5f0d9bd7-0b2d-4994-a6e5-46e991d35434


  • Fallows, D., & Sherr, R. (Ed.) (2000). Afterword: Thoughts for the Future. In The Josquin Companion. Oxford University Press. . Publication link: 2184dee0-3759-44f2-9d50-f575f25a8f7e
  • Fallows, D., Kirkman, A. (Ed.), & Slavin, D. (Ed.) (2000). Binchois and the Poets. In Binchois Studies. Oxford University Press. . Publication link: cee3f230-eb8c-493b-9b78-56422292c487


  • Fallows, D. (1999). A Catalogue of Polyphonic Songs 1415 - 1480. Oxford: Oxford University Press.. Publication link: 00972a27-b8c0-4356-a542-7d501418437c
  • Fallows, D. (1999). Approaching a New Chronology for Josquin: An Interim Report. Schweizer Jahrbuch für Musikwissenschaft, New series 19. . Publication link: 0504f345-813b-4ddc-8fae-d80b0f000407
  • Fallows, D., & Higgins, P. (Ed.) (1999). 'Trained and Immersed in all Musical Delights': Towards a New Picture of Busnoys. In Antoine Busnoys: Method, Meaning, and Context in Late Medieval Music. Clarendon Press, Oxford. . Publication link: 47b584e9-43ad-46e8-9fa3-2cdf54dbb277


  • Fallows, D., & Staehelin, M. (Ed.) (1998). Jean Molinet and the Lost Burgundian Court Chansonniers of the 1470s. In Gestalt und Entstehung musikalischer Quellen im 15. und 16. Jahrhundert. (pp. 35-42). (Wolfenbütteler Forschungen; Vol. 83). Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag. . Publication link: 7407d0f4-e577-4f55-b323-88de233ab1a1


  • Fallows, D. (1996). The End of the Ars Subtilior. Basler Jahrbuch für historische Musikpraxis, 20(1996), 21-40. . Publication link: cf6fce31-807f-4cc9-a383-f52a03392304
  • Fallows, D. (1996). The Songbook of Fridolin Sicher, around 1515: Sankt Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 461. Peer: Alamire.. Publication link: 24aec281-c827-4370-b1c3-bd805577e6e5
  • Fallows, D. (1996). Josquin and Milan. Plainsong and Medieval Music, 5(1), 69-80. . Publication link: 1e0c3d7b-0489-4969-8505-8546188dcf8c
  • Fallows, D. (1996). Songs and Musicians in the Fifteenth Century. Variorum.. Publication link: 595ca1a3-21dd-4efb-a3b4-8c26f09924d3
  • Fallows, D., & Wright, P. (Ed.) (1996). The "only" firmly instrumental piece: a commentary on Benvenuto Disertori. In I codici musicali trentini: nuove scoperte e nuovi orientamenti della ricerca: Atti del convegno internazionale: The Trent Codices: New Findings and New Directions. (pp. 81-92). Trento: Servizio Beni librari e archivistici. . Publication link: 856f3164-27fe-4445-b2cc-cc05c0b0d4e3



  • Fallows, D., Haggh, B. (Ed.), Daelemans, F. (Ed.), & Vanrie, A. (Ed.) (1994). Fifteenth-century songs in Tongeren. In Musicology and archival research: Musicologie et recherches en archives/ Musicologie en archiefonderzoek. (pp. 510-521). Brussels: Archives et Bibliothèques de Belgique. . Publication link: cce9d39e-bf2d-4445-86cf-a5ad9ee6317e
  • Fallows, D. (1994). Dunstable, Bedyngham and O rosa bella. The Journal of Musicology, 12, 287-305. . Publication link: 81e7dd23-7687-4135-a94c-e4ba8038bd9a


  • Fallows, D., Banks, C. (Ed.), Searle, A. (Ed.), & Turner, M. (Ed.) (1993). Henry VIII as a composer. In Sundry sorts of music books: Essays on the British Library collections presented to O. W. Neighbour on his 70th birthday. (pp. 27-39). London: British Library. . Publication link: 81baf28d-3a33-4753-ae59-6b5edd81f4f9
  • Fallows, D., & Gargiulo, P. (Ed.) (1993). Polyphonic song in the Florence of Lorenzo's youth: The provenance of the manuscript Berlin 78.C.28: Naples or Florence? In La musica a Firenze al tempo di Lorenzo il Magnifico. (pp. 47-61). Florence: Leo Olschki. . Publication link: 795bd670-7d15-4ff9-8580-8aee2f0f692e
  • Fallows, D. (1993). The Drexel fragments of early Tudor song. Research Chronicle of the Royal Musical Association, 26, 5-18. . Publication link: 15938355-7c62-4623-9686-198011447b2d
  • Fallows, D., & La Face Bianconi, G., (TRANS.) (1993). I fogli parigini del Cancionero musical e del manoscritto teorico della Biblioteca Colombina. Rivista italiana di musicologia, 27(1993), 25-40. . Publication link: cee43c50-93ad-4533-8675-ff80c0f8a8ab



  • Fallows, D., Wright, J. (Ed.), & Jr, S. A. F. (Ed.) (1991). A glimpse of the lost years: Spanish polyphonic song, 1450–1470. In New perspectives on music: Essays in honor of Eileen Southern. (pp. 19-36). Warren, Michigan: Harmonie Park Press. . Publication link: 675f584c-a53a-4b59-a736-cddbe22f2ba0


  • Fallows, D. (1990). Embellishment and Urtext in the fifteenth-century song repertories. Basler Jahrbuch für historische Musikpraxis, 14, 59-85. . Publication link: 97e3cca4-781f-4955-9fca-a523cff03380
  • Fallows, D. (1990). Busnoys and the early fifteenth century: a note on "L'ardent desir" and "Faictes de moy". Music and Letters, 71, 20-24. . Publication link: 0bd32e51-05f1-40fb-a6e4-067629ce2608



  • Fallows, D. (1987). Two equal voices: a French song repertory with music for two more works of Oswald von Wolkenstein. Early Music History, 7, 227-241. . Publication link: 96d44b04-a08f-4508-af0f-8177f0d26f70


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  • Fallows, D. (1985). The Performing Ensembles in Josquin's Sacred Music. Tijdschrift van de Vereniging voor Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis, 35, 32-64. . Publication link: ec2810dd-dc21-4510-b999-dbbae3365dfd