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Dr Fahad Anwar (PhD) - publications

List of publications


  • Fahad Anwar, Ilias Petrounias, Sandra Sampaio, Vassilis Kodogiannis, Tim Morris. (2014). An Efficient Event Definition Framework for Retail Sector Surveillance Systems. Presented at The Sixth International Conferences on Advances in Multimedia MMEDIA. Nice, France. eScholarID:220204


  • Anwar, F., Petrounias, I., Morris, T. & Kodogiannis, V (2012). Mining anomalous events against frequent sequences in surveillance videos from commercial environments. Expert Systems with Applications, 39(4), 4511-4531. eScholarID:136232 | DOI:10.1016/j.eswa.2011.09.134


  • (2010). Discovery of events with negative behavior against given sequential patterns. Presented at Intelligent Systems (IS), 2010 5th IEEE International Conference. eScholarID:136227
  • (2010). Entity appearance model generation for multimedia events in surveillance videos. Presented at Intelligent Systems (IS), 2010 5th IEEE International Conference. eScholarID:136233


  • (2009). Discovery of Anomalous Event against Frequent Sequence of Video Events. Presented at Computational Intelligence and Software Engineering, 2009. CiSE 2009. International Conference on. eScholarID:136224


  • Anwar, F., Petrounias, I., Kodogiannis, V., Tasseva, V. & Peneva, D (2008). Efficient periodicity mining of sequential patterns in a post-mining environment. Presented at 4th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Systems, (IS '08). eScholarID:136226
  • Anwar, F. & Naftel, A (2008). Video event modelling and association rule mining in multimedia surveillance systems. Presented at 5th International Conference on Visual Information Engineering (VIE 2008). Xi'an, China. eScholarID:136230
  • (2008). Accumulation, storage and obtainment of generalized net tokens characteristics history. Presented at Intelligent Systems, 2008. IS '08. 4th International IEEE Conference. eScholarID:136229


  • (2007). A Framework for Using Web Usage Mining to Personalise E-learning. Presented at Advanced Learning Technologies, 2007. ICALT 2007. Seventh IEEE International Conference on. eScholarID:136228


  • (2006). Visual Recognition of Manual Tasks Using Object Motion Trajectories. Presented at Video and Signal Based Surveillance, 2006. AVSS '06. IEEE International Conference on. eScholarID:136231


  • Anwar, F. & Petrounias, I (2005). An Algorithm for Identifying Patient's Negative Behaviour against a Sequence of Symptoms. Presented at First East European Conference on Health Care Modeling and Computation (HCMC 2005). Craiova, Romania. eScholarID:136225