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Mrs Freda Sheppard - publications

List of publications


  • Cowen RL, Williams KJ, Chinje E, Jaffar M, Sheppard FC.D, Telfer BA, Wind NS, Stratford IJ. (2004). Hypoxia Targeted gene therapy to increase the efficacy of tirapazamine as an adjuvant to radiotherapy: reversing tumor radioresistance and effecting cure. Cancer Research, 64, 1396-1402. eScholarID:1d7823 | DOI:10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-03-2698


  • Cowen RL, Williams KJ, Patterson AV, Robinson S, Sheppard FC.D, Telfer BA, Stratford IJ. (2002). Viral mediated gene delivery of hypoxia regulated reductive enzymes to activate bioreductive drugs and thus improve the therapeutic index of these anti-tumour agents. eScholarID:2d374


  • Cowen RL, Williams KJ, Patterson AV, Robinson SK, Sheppard FC.D, Telfer BA, Lian L-Y, Stratford IJ. (2001). Optimisation of reductase enzymes for use in hypoxia regulated gene directed enzyme prodrug therapy. Churchill Livingstone. eScholarID:2d915