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Dr Harbans Sharma (MSc, PhD, DSc) - research

Research interests

The development of novel radiotracers for myocardial perfusion imaging based on Tc-99m-carbonyl complexes.

Pharmacokinetics and organ distribution of Polysan Polysulphate (PPS): A potential drug against vCJD

Radiolabelling polypeptides specifically synthesised to target amyloid plaques in Alzheimer's disease.

Measuring uptake of non-blood derived lung perfusion agents in the animal model.

Collaborators and affiliated staff

  • Mrs Anne-Marie Smith: Research collaborator and Laboratory Manager for all of my research activity
  • Anti-cancer research: Prof. D Crowther, Prof B W Fox, Prof. N thacher, Dr R Cowan
  • Synthesis of anti-tumour agents: Prof. C J Mcauliffe
  • Epethelial cell kinetics: Prof M G Walker
  • Radioisotope uptake and effects on the gonads: Prof J Hendry, Dr P Hoyes
  • PET Isotopes: Prof. D Townsend (Geneva, now at Pittsburg)

Methodological knowledge

  • Production of radioisotopes, the nuclear reaction yields, radiochemical separations and the quality control
  • Radiolabelling cells (Red blood cells, lymphocytes, lymphoid cells, epithelial cells etc.)
  • Synthesis of radiolabelled compounds (Pt-based antitumour compounds, Au-antiarthritic drugs, Tc-99m-compounds, Co-Bleomicine etc.
  • Preparation and in vivo imaging of pharmaceutical formulations
  • Pharmacokinetics of radiolabelled compounds in animal models