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Prof Ian Reader - publications

List of publications

Authored book

  • Reader, I R. Making Pilgrimages: Meaning and Practice in Shikoku. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 2005. eScholarID:4b1222
  • Reader, I R. Religious Violence in Contemporary Japan: The Case of Aum Shinrikyō. Richmond and Honolulu: Curzon Press and University of Hawaii Press, 2000. eScholarID:4b1632
  • Reader, I R. A Poisonous Cocktail? Aum Shinrikyō's Path to Violence. Copenhagen: NIAS Books, 1996. eScholarID:4b1633

Edited book

  • Reader, I R. Practically Religious: Worldly Benefits and the Common Religion of Japan. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1998. eScholarID:4b1630
  • Reader, I R. Pilgrimage in Japan. Edited by Reader, Ian and Paul L. Swanson (eds.). , apanese Journal of Religious Studies: 1997. eScholarID:4b1622
  • Reader, I R. Pilgrimage in Popular Culture. Edited by Reader, Ian, and Tony Walter. , Basingstoke, UK: Macmillans, 1993. eScholarID:4b1623
  • Reader, I R. Religion in Contemporary Japan. Basingstoke, UK: Macmillans, and Honolulu: University of Hawaii, 1991. eScholarID:4b1631

Book contribution

  • Ian Reader. "Religion in a Globalized World." In Dynamics in the History of Religions between Asia and Europe, ed. Volkhard Krech and Marion Steinicke, 16. Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill, 2011. eScholarID:143550
  • Ian Reader. "The Transformation of Failure and the Spiritualization of Violence." In Blackwell Companion to Religion and Violence, ed. Andrew Murphy, 16. New York and Oxford: Blackwells, 2011. eScholarID:143544
  • Reader, I R. "Mystical killing, bodily punishments and the spiritually transcendent dimensions of violence." In Dying for Faith: Religiously Motivated Violence in the Contemporary World, ed. Shterin and Madawi Al-Rasheed, I.B. Tauris: London, 2009. eScholarID:3b3426
  • Reader, I R. "Manufacturing the Means of Apocalypse: Aum Shinrikyo and the acquisition of weapons of mass destruction." In Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction: Responding to the Challenge, ed. Ian Bellany, 53-80.New York and London: Routledge, 2007. eScholarID:3b3427
  • Reader, I R. "Folk religion." In The Nanzan Guide to Japanese Religions, ed. P.L. Swanson and C. Chilson, 65-90.University of Hawaii Press, 2005. eScholarID:3b2325
  • Reader, I R. "Gendai sekai ni okeru junrei no koryu: sono imi suru mono." In Gendai Shûkyô, 279-305.2005. eScholarID:3b2324
  • Reader, I R. "Historical, New, and new New Religions." In A Companion to the Anthropology of Japan, ed. Jennifer Robertson, 431-451.Malden, USA and Oxford UK: Blackwells, 2005. eScholarID:3b3425
  • Reader, I R. "Coping with Aum: Violence and the Study of Religion." In Unterwegs: Neue Pfade in der Religionswissenschaft. Festchrift für Michael Pye, ed. Christoph Kleine et al, 329-338.München: Biblion, 2004. eScholarID:3b3428
  • Reader, I R. "Killing for Salvation: Aum Shinrikyô and the Perils of Religion." In Promise and Peril: The Paradox of Religion as Resource and Threat, ed. Anna Lännström, 87-105.Notre Dame, Indiana: University of Notre Dame Press, 2003. eScholarID:3b3430
  • Reader, I R. "Dramatic confrontations: Aum Shinrikyô against the world." In Cults, Religion and Violence, ed. David G. Bromley and Gordon Melton, 189-208.Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002. eScholarID:3b3431
  • Reader, I R. "Interior travels: pilgrimage, nostalgia, identity and quest." In Return to Japan : From 'Pilgrimage' to the West, 13-32.Arhus: Arhus University Press, 2001. eScholarID:3b3410
  • Reader, I R. "Violent Millennialism with a Christian Touch: Syncretic Themes in the Millennial Perspectives of Aum Shinrikyô." In Christian Millennialism, ed. Stephen Hunt, 239-254.London: Hurst, 2001. eScholarID:3b3432
  • Reader, I R. "onsensus shattered: Japanese paradigm shifts and moral panic in the post-Aum era." In New Religious Movements in the 21st Century: Legal, Political and Social Challenges in Global Perspective, ed. Philip Charles Lucas and Thomas Robbins, 191-201. Nova Religio: New York and London: Routledge, 2001. eScholarID:3b3429
  • Reader, I R. "Religion, conflict and the sacred mission: on understanding the violence of Aum Shinrikyô." In BASR Occasional Papers Series, 20.2000. eScholarID:3b3433
  • Reader, I R. "Imagined Persecution: Aum Shinrikyô, millennialism and the legitimation of violence." In Millennialism, Persecution and Violence: Historical Cases, ed. Catherine Wessinger, 138-152.Syracuse, US : Syracuse University Press, 1999. eScholarID:3b3434
  • Reader, I R. "Pilgrimage as Cult: the Shikoku pilgrimage as a window on Japanese religion." In Religion in Japan: Arrows to Heaven and Earth, ed. P.F. Kornicki and I. J. McMullen, 267-286..Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996. eScholarID:3b3411

Journal article

  • Ian Reader. "Globally Aum: The Aum Affair, Counterterrorism and Religion." Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 39, no. 1(2012) : 20. eScholarID:143541
  • ERica Baffelli and Ian Reader. "Impact and Ramifications: The Aftermath of the Aum Affair in the Japanese Religious Context." Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 39, no. 1(2012) : 25. eScholarID:143542
  • Ian Reader. "Secularisation R.I.P? Nonsense! The ‘rush hour away from the gods’ and the decline of religion in contemporary Japan." The Journal of Religion in Japan 1, no. 1(2012) : 25. eScholarID:143540
  • Ian Reader. "Buddhism in Crisis? Institutional decline in modern Japan." Buddhist Studies Review 28, no. 2(2011) : 31. eScholarID:143538
  • Erica Baffelli and Ian Reader. "Competing for the apocalypse: religious rivalry and millennial transformations in a Japanese new religion’." International Journal for the Study of New Religions 2, no. 1(2011) : 24. eScholarID:143536
  • Reader, I R. "Pilgrimage growth in the modern world: meanings and implications." Religion 37(2007) : 210-229. eScholarID:1b6202 | DOI:10.1016/j.religion.2007.06.009
  • Reader, I R. "Chronologies, commonalities and alternative status in Japanaese New Religious Movements: Defining NRMS outside the western cul-de-sac." Nova Religio 9:2(2005) : 84-96. eScholarID:1b6246 | DOI:10.1525/nr.2005.9.2.084
  • Reader, I R. "Gendai Nihon shûkyô genshô: suitai ka henka." Shûkyôsha ni kiku: gendai shakai to shûkyô 3(2005) : 179-188. eScholarID:1b6245
  • Reader, I R. "Pilgrimage growth in the modern world: meanings and implications." Gendai Shûkyô(2005) : 279-305. eScholarID:1b6204 | DOI:10.1016/j.religion.2007.06.009
  • Reader, I R. "Weaving the Landscape: The Shikoku Pilgrimage Kôbô Daishi and Shingon Buddhism." Bulletin of the Research Institute of Esoteric Buddhist Culture(2004) : 139-164. eScholarID:1b6205
  • Reader, I R. "Spectres and Shadows: Aum Shinrikyo and the Road to Megiddo." Terrorism and Political Violence 14(1)(2002) : 145-186. eScholarID:1b4066 | DOI:10.1080/714005600
  • Reader, I R. "Spectres and shadows: Aum Shinrikyo and the road to Megiddo." Terrorism and Political Violence Vol. 14 No.1(2002) : 147-186. eScholarID:1b6247 | DOI:10.1080/714005600
  • Reader, I R. "Consensus shattered: Japanese paradigm shifts and moral panic in the post-Aum era." Nova Religio 4/2(2001) : 225-234. eScholarID:1b6248 | DOI:10.1525/nr.2001.4.2.225
  • Reader, I R. "Reflected meanings: underlying themes in the experiences of two Japanese pilgrims to Europe." Reflected meanings: underlying themes in the experiences of two Japanese pilgrims to Europe(2001) : 121-139. eScholarID:1b6206
  • Reader, I R. "Scholarship. Aum Shinrikyô and Integrity." Nova Religio 3/2(2000) : 368-382. eScholarID:1b6249
  • Reader, I R. "Religion, Violence and Aum Shinrikyô." Svensk Missionstidskrift 84/2(1996) : 62-75. eScholarID:1b6250
  • Reader, I R. "Sendatsu and the Development of Contemporary Japanese Pilgrimage." Nissan Occasional Papers on Japan 17(1993) : 56. eScholarID:1b6203
  • Reader, I R. "Miniaturisation and Proliferation: A Study of Small-scale Pilgrimages." apan Studies in Central and East Asian Religions 1/ 1(1988) : 50-66. eScholarID:1b6209
  • Reader, I R. "The Saikoku Pilgrimage: a Research Report." Studies in Central and East Asian Religions 1/ 1(1988) : 116-118. eScholarID:1b6210
  • Reader, I R. "From Asceticism to the Package Tour: The Pilgrim's Progress in Japan." Religion 17/ 2(1987) : 133-148. eScholarID:1b6211

Conference contribution

  • Reader, I J. 2005. Faithful terror: Aum Shinrikyo s holy war and its implications for the study of contemporary religious terrorism. In The Annual Benson Saler Address in Religious Studies. eScholarID:2b1188
  • Reader, I R. 2005. Religion, radicalisation and terror in contemporary and historical contexts. In Religion, radicalisation and terror. eScholarID:2b1187
  • Reader, I R. 2004. From the Tokyo Subway to the Twin Towers: rhetoric, symbolism and the dynamics of religious terrorism. In Jackson School of International Studies. eScholarID:2b1189
  • Reader, I R. 2002. In the wake of religious terrorism: responses to and repercussions of the Aum Shinrikyo affair in Japan. In East Asian Institute Lecture Series. eScholarID:2b1191
  • Reader, I R. 2002. Killing for Salvation: Aum Shinrikyô and the Study of Religion. In The Paradox of Religion: Peril and Promise. eScholarID:2b1190
  • Reader, I R. 2001. From Pilgrims to Religious Terrorists: Religion and Cultural Unease at the Turn of the Century in Japan. In Japan Festival. eScholarID:2b1192
  • Reader, I R. 1999. Religion, Conflict and Violence: A Study of Aum Shinrikyô. In British Association for the Study of Religions Annual Lecture. eScholarID:2b1193
  • Reader, I R. 1998. An Analysis of the Aum Affair. In Seminar on Terrorism, Religion and Violence. eScholarID:2b1194
  • Reader, I R. 1996. Creating pilgrimages: Buddhist priests and popular religion in contemporary Japan. In Proceedings of the Kyoto Conference on Japanese Studies311- 324. eScholarID:2b1151
  • Reader, I R. 1994. Making pilgrimages: The Shikoku pilgrimage and popular religion in Japan. In The Japan Society26-39. eScholarID:2b1152


  • Reader, I R. Conflict and Religion in Japan, Edited Volume. Ed. Reader, Ian and George J. Tanabe Jr. 1994. Japanese Journal of Religious Studies.