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Prof Ian Reader - publications

List of publications


  • Reader, I. (2012). Secularisation R.I.P? Nonsense! The ‘rush hour away from the gods’ and the decline of religion in contemporary Japan.The Journal of Religion in Japan, 1(1), in press. . Publication link: 407c56c5-c99b-435a-977f-62e9875894c9
  • Baffelli, E., & Reader, I. (2012). Editors' introduction: Impact and ramifications: The aftermath of the Aum Affair in the Japanese religious context. Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, 39(1), 1-28. . Publication link: 154779eb-62bb-48f1-8844-332c06475899
  • Reader, I. (2012). Globally Aum: The Aum Affair, counterterrorism, and religion. Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, 39(1), 179-198. . Publication link: 54e40a21-962b-43ad-9aca-2e0e6362f941


  • Reader, I., Krech, V. (Ed.), & Steinicke, M. (Ed.) (2011). Religion in a Globalized World: Comments and Responses. In Dynamics in the History of Religions between Asia and Europe: . Notions and Comparative Perspectives. Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill. . Publication link: 4b30d87e-65cb-4a0d-ba60-0750348d0f40
  • Reader, I. (2011). Buddhism in Crisis? Institutional decline in modern Japan. Buddhist Studies Review, 28(2), 233-263. . Publication link: 49b277a6-6c80-48e6-9c4f-412facf00a2e
  • Reader, I. (2011). The Transformation of Failure and the Spiritualization of Violence. In The Blackwell Companion to Religion and Violence|The Blackwell Companion to Relig. and Violence. (pp. 304-319). New York and Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell. DOI: 10.1002/9781444395747.ch24. Publication link: ed5ad138-4916-43de-b2f4-2c343ee0183d
  • Baffelli, E., & Reader, I. (2011). Competing for the apocalypse: religious rivalry and millennial transformations in a Japanese new religion’. International Journal for the Study of New Religions, 2(1), 5-28. . Publication link: f450fffd-a128-4290-9f8b-a0ec6604e6fb


  • Reader, I. R., Al-Rasheed, M. (Ed.), & Shterin, M. (Ed.) (2009). Mystical killing, bodily punishments and the spiritually transcendent dimensions of violence. In Dying for Faith: Religiously Motivated Violence in the Contemporary World. I. B. Tauris. . Publication link: ed2c3d27-a15c-46e3-9fbd-149c0bb72fba



  • Reader, I. R. (2005). Religion, radicalisation and terror in contemporary and historical contexts. In Religion, radicalisation and terror.. Publication link: 33f55386-1862-4448-9ddf-117bfdaa0820
  • Reader, I. R. (2005). Gendai Nihon shûkyô genshô: suitai ka henka. Shûkyôsha ni kiku: gendai shakai to shûkyô, 3. . Publication link: 71108351-38bc-40c4-8e24-244fcd67fcc8
  • Reader, I. R. (2005). Making Pilgrimages: Meaning and Practice in Shikoku. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press.. Publication link: 716ca900-c414-4a18-aca6-63632e5eaad3
  • Reader, I. R. (2005). Gendai sekai ni okeru junrei no koryu: sono imi suru mono. In Gendai Shûkyô.. Publication link: 8378f36f-a53e-4750-99e1-3e958e48c595
  • Reader, I. R. (2005). Chronologies, commonalities and alternative status in Japanaese New Religious Movements: Defining NRMS outside the western cul-de-sac. Nova Religio, 9:2, 84-96. DOI: 10.1525/nr.2005.9.2.084. Publication link: ce628614-8cd7-43f2-bdc8-b306a254e01c
  • Reader, I. R., & Robertson, J. (Ed.) (2005). Historical, New, and new New Religions. In A Companion to the Anthropology of Japan. Malden, USA and Oxford UK: Blackwells. . Publication link: b2c926d0-ec12-42f9-83a3-466fe9a98acc
  • Reader, I. R., Swanson, P. L. (Ed.), & Chilson, C. (Ed.) (2005). Folk religion. In The Nanzan Guide to Japanese Religions. University of Hawaii Press. . Publication link: ed7fb175-9960-4181-b9f9-9aaaf38d7e81
  • Reader, I. J. (2005). Faithful terror: Aum Shinrikyo s holy war and its implications for the study of contemporary religious terrorism.. Publication link: f759a645-5baa-4f84-8805-82ca56bd3520


  • Reader, I. R. (2004). From the Tokyo Subway to the Twin Towers: rhetoric, symbolism and the dynamics of religious terrorism. In Jackson School of International Studies.. Publication link: 63d7632b-3567-4c74-8950-cbc7e9b081c2
  • Reader, I. R., & Kleine, C. (Ed.) (2004). Coping with Aum: Violence and the Study of Religion. In Unterwegs: Neue Pfade in der Religionswissenschaft. Festchrift für Michael Pye. München: Biblion. . Publication link: 22bb2fd8-dae9-4e60-a8e2-65928aed5149
  • Reader, I. R. (2004). Weaving the Landscape: The Shikoku Pilgrimage Kôbô Daishi and Shingon Buddhism.Bulletin of the Research Institute of Esoteric Buddhist Culture. . Publication link: 436c956a-7146-4dda-a7d9-555d09d99733


  • Reader, I. R., & Lännström, A. (Ed.) (2003). Killing for Salvation: Aum Shinrikyô and the Perils of Religion. In Promise and Peril: The Paradox of Religion as Resource and Threat. Notre Dame, Indiana: University of Notre Dame Press. . Publication link: 4289765c-b35a-4b95-986d-044b8c60ca2d


  • Reader, I. R. (2002). Killing for Salvation: Aum Shinrikyô and the Study of Religion. In The Paradox of Religion: Peril and Promise.. Publication link: 585b75ec-7074-4f97-a3c8-842337afaa5b
  • Reader, I. R., Bromley, D. G. (Ed.), & Melton, G. (Ed.) (2002). Dramatic confrontations: Aum Shinrikyô against the world. In Cults, Religion and Violence. Cambridge University Press. . Publication link: 8c0240dd-2ad4-4975-bfcd-f31a52e433c6
  • Reader, I. R. (2002). In the wake of religious terrorism: responses to and repercussions of the Aum Shinrikyo affair in Japan. In East Asian Institute Lecture Series.. Publication link: b3969b73-e960-4dc1-aa26-f1838fa9b899
  • Reader, I. (2002). Spectres and Shadows: Aum Shinrikyô and the Road to Megiddo. Terrorism and Political Violence, 14(1), 145-186. DOI: 10.1080/714005600. Publication link: cb49f797-fd51-4417-935a-201fa2251f09


  • Reader, I. R. (2001). From Pilgrims to Religious Terrorists: Religion and Cultural Unease at the Turn of the Century in Japan. In Japan Festival.. Publication link: ec5a7f07-b7b7-45cc-a958-59b0e0c48b31
  • Reader, I. R., & Hunt, S. (Ed.) (2001). Violent Millennialism with a Christian Touch: Syncretic Themes in the Millennial Perspectives of Aum Shinrikyô. In Christian Millennialism. London: Hurst. . Publication link: b8c472bc-3064-43b3-add9-6772fe5280f3
  • Reader, I. R. (2001). Reflected meanings: underlying themes in the experiences of two Japanese pilgrims to Europe.Reflected meanings: underlying themes in the experiences of two Japanese pilgrims to Europe.. . Publication link: 3ed77605-9a61-4e91-b905-0dcd46225b69
  • Reader, I. R., Lucas, P. C. (Ed.), & Robbins, T. (Ed.) (2001). onsensus shattered: Japanese paradigm shifts and moral panic in the post-Aum era. In New Religious Movements in the 21st Century: Legal, Political and Social Challenges in Global Perspective. Nova Religio: Routledge. . Publication link: 1d26be70-7fe3-44e2-95de-99458f5bc375
  • Reader, I. R. (2001). Consensus shattered: Japanese paradigm shifts and moral panic in the post-Aum era. Nova Religio, 4/2, 225-234. DOI: 10.1525/nr.2001.4.2.225. Publication link: 75ada919-1c9b-4719-81af-8c10c045849b
  • Reader, I. R. (2001). Interior travels: pilgrimage, nostalgia, identity and quest. In Return to Japan : From 'Pilgrimage' to the West. Arhus: Arhus University Press. . Publication link: 6139408c-fe3c-47df-8cea-e5998744280c


  • Reader, I. R. (2000). Religion, conflict and the sacred mission: on understanding the violence of Aum Shinrikyô. In BASR Occasional Papers Series.. Publication link: a496bd50-ffb2-4bee-a21c-7b5c999a5ea8
  • Reader, I. R. (2000). Scholarship. Aum Shinrikyô and Integrity. Nova Religio, 3/2. . Publication link: 82c3940a-f896-41f5-8cb0-039c9dd2b993
  • Reader, I. R. (2000). Religious Violence in Contemporary Japan: The Case of Aum Shinrikyō. Richmond and Honolulu: Curzon Press and University of Hawaii Press.. Publication link: 227f2572-2ccc-42b3-aa14-875a6190155a


  • Reader, I. R. (1999). Religion, Conflict and Violence: A Study of Aum Shinrikyô. In British Association for the Study of Religions Annual Lecture.. Publication link: c5cf7991-64ea-4780-98e9-8e46247ec078
  • Reader, I. R., & Wessinger, C. (Ed.) (1999). Imagined Persecution: Aum Shinrikyô, millennialism and the legitimation of violence. In Millennialism, Persecution and Violence: Historical Cases. Syracuse, US : Syracuse University Press. . Publication link: cc965cab-8aff-49fe-adb6-f0b09e1c1456




  • Reader, I. R. (1996). Creating pilgrimages: Buddhist priests and popular religion in contemporary Japan. In Proceedings of the Kyoto Conference on Japanese Studies. Japanese Studies. . Publication link: 9521a525-11d4-4d7e-8409-f3b67010db78
  • Reader, I. R. (1996). Religion, Violence and Aum Shinrikyô. Svensk Missionstidskrift, 84/2. . Publication link: 98a1f8db-e11e-470a-baa4-9d556e8673c1
  • Reader, I. R., Kornicki, P. F. (Ed.), & McMullen, I. J. (Ed.) (1996). Pilgrimage as Cult: the Shikoku pilgrimage as a window on Japanese religion. In Religion in Japan: Arrows to Heaven and Earth. Cambridge University Press. . Publication link: 56c0332e-ca3f-4753-a8b7-70a6b807b3d7
  • Reader, I. R. (1996). A Poisonous Cocktail? Aum Shinrikyō's Path to Violence. Copenhagen: NIAS Books.. Publication link: 47c7ddee-70c7-408c-85a6-9f45c0cffea9





  • Reader, I. R. (1988). Miniaturisation and Proliferation: A Study of Small-scale Pilgrimages. apan Studies in Central and East Asian Religions, 1/ 1. . Publication link: 4861437e-d6b4-44f6-94ca-db126ceebb87
  • Reader, I. R. (1988). The Saikoku Pilgrimage: a Research Report. Studies in Central and East Asian Religions, 1/ 1. . Publication link: 8fb60442-2463-4281-9f1b-42c8535a042c