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Dr John Hopton - publications

List of publications


  • John Hopton. (2010). Urban Parks and Mental Well-being. Presented at 8th Biennial Qualitative Research Conference. "Worls Connected: Perform, Involve, Participate". Bournemouth University Talbot Campus. eScholarID:95411
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  • Hopton J, Beresford P. (2008). Unhappy about Happiness. Openmind, 149, 12-13. eScholarID:1d28112


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  • Barnes HM, Green L, Hopton J. (2007). Guest Editorial: social work theory, research, policy and practice - challenges and opportunities in health and social care integration in the UK. Health and Social Care in the Community, 15(3), 191-194. eScholarID:1d27835 | DOI:10.1111/j.1365-2524.2007.00710.x
  • Hopton J. (2007). Mixed Martial Arts and Internet Forums: A case study in treating internet sources as oral history. Oral History, 35 (2), 91-99. eScholarID:1d27849


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  • Hopton J. (2002). A case study in community spirit and collaborative learning. Submission Fighting UK, 6 (Nov), 40-42. eScholarID:1d26973
  • (2002). Combat Sports:Validation of Male Violence or Solution to a Crisis of Masculinity?. Presented at Gender , Sexuality and The Law. Keele University. eScholarID:95445
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  • (2001). Oral history and myths in the history of mental health nursing. Presented at Exploring Issues in Nursing History: Cinderella Services. South Bank University, London. eScholarID:95447
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  • Hopton, J. The future of therapeutic communites in adult mental health services, Report from research funded by the Nuffield Foundation distributed to all research subjects.
  • Hopton, J. (2000). Mental Health Nursing as Human Experience. Asylum, 12:1, pp18-21. eScholarID:1b165
  • (2000). No Holds Barred/Limited Rules: An outsider's view. Combat, 26(8), 108-109. eScholarID:95437
  • Hopton, J. (2000). Therapeutic Communities: Alive and well - but hard to fin. Openmind 103, May/June, pg9. eScholarID:1b166


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