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Dr Jonathan Dewsbury (BEng, MSc, PhD, MCIBSE, C.Eng) - publications

List of publications


  • Hamad Almutairi, Jonathan Dewsbury, Gregory Lane-Serff. A combined cycle power plant with absorption cooling for houses air conditioning. ASME 2012 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition. New York, USA: American Society of Mechanical Engineers: 2012: -. eScholarID:176058
  • Murat Ozdenefe and Jonathan Dewsbury. Dynamic thermal simulation of a PCM lined building with Energy Plus. Proceedings of 7th WSEAS International Conference on Energy and Environment. 2012: 359-364. eScholarID:171499
  • Hamad Almutairi. Low energy air conditioning for hot climates. University of Manchester:2012. eScholarID:176055


  • V Alipour. A test reference year for Ahvaz, Iran. University of Manchester:2011. eScholarID:153135
  • H Al-Mutairi, J Dewsbury and G F Lane-Serff. Energy and the implication of residential cooling in hot climates: Case study for developing effective solution for residential cooling demand in Kuwait. 2011: -. eScholarID:147455


  • M Ozdenefe and J Dewsbury. Comparison of energy performance of two generic residential buildings from North Cyprus. 2010: -. eScholarID:153132


  • R A Whiteley, J Dewsbury, I Schlosser and P DiNenno. BS EN 15004-1:2008 Fixed firefighting systems - Gas extinguishing systems - Part 1 : Design, installation and maintenance, Annex E, Door fan test for determination of minimum hold time. BSI. 17 pages.


  • Rahman I, Dewsbury J. Selection of typical weather data (test reference years) for Subang, Malaysia. Building and Environment. 2007 October; 42(10): 3636-3641. eScholarID:1e478


  • R A Whiteley, J Dewsbury, I Schlosser and P DiNenno. 2nd revised edition of ISO 14520-1:2006 Gaseous fire extinguishing systems - Physical properties and system design - Part 1 : General requirements, Annex E, Door fan test for determining of minimum hold time. 2006. 0 580 48314 2. ISO. 15 pages.


  • Kamaruzzaman, S N, Rodger Edwards, and Jonathan Dewsbury. Electricity consumption of refurbished historic buildings in Malaysia. 5th International Postgraduate Research Conference, University of Salford, UK. 2005: eScholarID:2e745


  • Dewsbury J, Whiteley R. Hold time calculations for non-standard enclosures. Fire Technology. 2004; 40: 75-89. eScholarID:1e489 | DOI:10.1023/B:FIRE.0000003317.39877.07
  • Gadian A, Dewsbury J, Featherstone F, Levermore G, Morris K, Sanders C. Directional persistence of low wind speed observations. Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics. 2004; 92: 1061-1074. eScholarID:1e485 | DOI:10.1016/j.jweia.2004.05.007


  • Whiteley, R A, and Jonathan Dewsbury. Tightness of rooms - new calculation methods for gas fire extinguishing systems. VdS conference on Fire Extinguishing Systems, Cologne, Germany. 2002: eScholarID:2e746


  • Levermore G, Sanders C, Dewsbury J, Gadian A, Laycock P. Inaccuracies in standard meteorological low wind speed data. ASHRAE Transactions. 2001; 107: 429-433. eScholarID:1e490


  • Dewsbury J, Whiteley R. Extensions to standard hold time calculations. Fire Technology. 2000 November; 36: 266-278. eScholarID:1e479
  • Dewsbury J, Whiteley R. Review of fan integrity testing and hold time standards. Fire Technology. 2000 November; 36: 249-265. eScholarID:1e482


  • Dewsbury, Jonathan. A note on wind speed banding and the Weibull distribution. CIB TG21 meeting, Gavle, Sweden. 1998: eScholarID:2e747


  • Dewsbury, Jonathan. Wind data and ventilation. CIB TG21 meeting, Manchester, England. 1997: eScholarID:2e748


  • Dewsbury J. AC pressurisation: Fourier analysis and the effect of compressibility of air. Building Services Engineering Research and Technology. 1996; 17: 73-77. eScholarID:1e484
  • Dewsbury J. AC pressurisation: analysis by non-linear optimisation. Building Services Engineering Research and Technology. 1996; 17: 65-71. eScholarID:1e483


  • Dewsbury J. Fourier analysis of AC pressurisation. Building Services Engineering Research and Technology. 1994; 15: B28-B29. eScholarID:1e491


  • Dewsbury, Jonathan, R M Al-Khaddar, and R J Orlowski. A calibration chamber for the AC pressurisation method of measuring building airtightness. CIB W17 meeting, Utrecht, Netherlands. 1992: eScholarID:2e757
  • Dewsbury, Jonathan. Theories of AC pressurisation. CIB W67 meeting, Manchester, England. 1992: eScholarID:2e749


  • Al-Khaddar, R M, Jonathan Dewsbury, and R J Orlowski. AC pressurisation calibration. CIB W67 symposium on energy, moisture and climate in buildings, Rotterdam, Netherlands. 1990: eScholarID:2e758


  • Dewsbury, Jonathan, Rodger Edwards, and Kenneth Letherman. Building services performance and the sick building syndrome. British Occupational Hygiene Society annual conference, University of Warwick, England. 1989: eScholarID:2e759


  • Letherman K, Dewsbury J. The 'bin' method - a procedure for predicting seasonal energy requirements in buildings. Building Services Engineering Research and Technology. 1986; 7: 55-64. eScholarID:1e486


  • Dewsbury, Jonathan. Use of a single tracer gas for measurement of ventilation rates in a large enclosure. 6th Air Infiltration Centre conference, Het Meerdal, Netherlands. 1985: eScholarID:2e760


  • Potter, I N, Jonathan Dewsbury, and T Jones. The measurement of infiltration rates in large enclosures and buildings. CEC International Seminar on Energy Saving in Buildings, The Hague, Netherlands. 1983: eScholarID:2e762


  • Brayshaw, C, and Jonathan Dewsbury. The measurement of infiltration rates in large enclosures and buildings. CEC Contractors\' Meeting, Brussels, Belgium. 1982: eScholarID:2e763