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Prof Kate Cooper - publications

List of publications


  • Cooper, K. (2016). Marriage, Law, and Christian Rhetoric in Vandal Africa. In S. T. Stevens, & J. P. Conant (Eds.), North Africa under Byzantium and Early Islam . (pp. 237-249). Washington, DC: Dumbarton Oaks. . Publication link: dfd4a5a6-1fe1-47bf-8149-b6e708f6492b
  • Cooper, K. (2016). Property, Power, and Conflict: Re-Thinking the Constantinian Revolution. In K. Cooper, & C. Leyser (Eds.), Making Early Medieval Societies : Conflict and Belonging in the Latin West, 300–1200. (pp. 16-32). Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. . Publication link: f319445f-d04a-4bdf-941b-706a78b1c699
  • Cooper, K. (2016). The Heroine and the Historian: Procopius of Caesarea on the Troubled Reign of Queen Amalasuentha. In J. J. Arnold, M. S. Bjornlie, & K. Sessa (Eds.), A Companion to Ostrogothic Italy . (pp. 296-315). Leiden: Brill. . Publication link: 8f636779-0b52-485c-b7ac-98f78dbeaa31


  • Cooper, K., & Corke-Webster, J. (2015). Conversion, Conflict, and the Drama of Social Reproduction: Narratives of Filial Resistance in Early Christianity and Modern Britain. In B. Secher Bøgh (Ed.), Conversion and Initiation in Antiquity. (pp. 169-183). Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. . Publication link: 90fe4ed0-294d-4d3e-9ebe-189b1cf4288b


  • Cooper, K. (2014). Relationships, Resistance, and Religious Change in the Early Christian Household. In . A. Walsham, C. Methuen, & . J. Doran (Eds.), Religion and the Household. (pp. 5-22). Woodbridge: Boydell Press. . Publication link: 9047943e-242a-48f4-8fcc-fc1df09319ae
  • Cooper, K. (2014). Religion, Conflict, and "The Secular": The View From Early Christianity. In . G. Moorhead, & J. Wolffe (Eds.), Religion, Security, and Global Uncertainties. (pp. 13-15). Milton Keynes: Open University Press. . Publication link: 70321450-c873-4cbc-8f92-1c469056bc89
  • Cooper, K. (2014). The Long Shadow of Constantine. Journal of Roman Studies, 226-238. DOI: 10.1017/S0075435814001142. Publication link: e331dcc0-8eb1-4a46-9594-5b005a5b8393
  • Cooper, K. (2014). Martyrdom, Memory, and the "Media Event": Visionary Writing and Christian Apology in Second-Century Christianity. In A. Houen, & D. Janes (Eds.), Martyrdom and Terrorism: Pre-Modern to Contemporary Perspectives. (pp. 23-39). Oxford: Oxford University Press. . Publication link: bc91a9fc-6788-4c38-9fb1-8a06d193add0


  • Cooper, K., & Ooten, M. (2013). Censorship in black and white: The burning cross (1947), band of angels (1957) and the politics of film censorship in the American south after World War II: The Forgotten World of Early Christian Women. Overlook Press.. Publication link: 5013a221-31df-4622-b051-7388b35ecca5



  • Cooper, K. (2011). Augustine and Monnica. In Motherhood, Religion, and Society in Medieval Europe, 400-1400: Essays Presented to Henrietta Leyser|Mother., Religion, and Society in Medieval Europe, 400-1400: Essays Presented to Henrietta Leyser: Essays Presented to Henrietta Leyser. (pp. 7-20). Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing Ltd.. . Publication link: 3244c882-10d1-44d7-8c9f-5efde17638bb
  • Cooper, K. (2011). Christianity, private power, and the law from Decius to Constantine: The minimalist view. Journal of Early Christian Studies, 19(3), 327-343. DOI: 10.1353/earl.2011.0042. Publication link: 0497a9b2-0427-47f5-9715-0f7c7f143432
  • Cooper, K. (2011). Reti di famiglia, reti di evangelizzazzione: la famiglia tra paganesimo e cristianesimo nella Passio Sebastiani. In . R. Lizzi, & . P. Brown (Eds.), Pagans and Christians in the Roman Empire: The Breaking of a Dialogue. (pp. 245-269). Zurich: Lit Verlag. . Publication link: 8a34cadf-abbd-421a-964b-5d04551e7cc9
  • Cooper, K. (2011). A Father, a Daughter and a Procurator: Authority and resistance in the prison memoir of perpetua of carthage. Gender and History, 23(3), 685-702. DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0424.2011.01661.x. Publication link: 856cf6e2-523b-4ecb-b1d8-29d760185444


  • Cooper, K. (2010). The Household as a Venue for Religious Conversion: The Case of Christianity. In . B. Rawson (Ed.), A Companion to Families in the Greek and Roman Worlds. (pp. 183-197). Oxford: Wiley. . Publication link: 0c5f1587-f0e8-4a87-a7bc-4b30ddb7401f
  • Cooper, K., & Bof, R. (2010). Il caso della moglie di Optato e l'evoluzione del vincolo coniugale nel VI secolo. Genesis, 9(1), 15-28. . Publication link: 255db554-3b2e-4090-b94e-340dfce7a053
  • Cooper, K. (2010). Melania paterfamilias: il proprietario romano, l'ascesi, e l'evoluzione delle communita` monastiche nelle Vite di Melania la Giovane. In Le trasformazioni del V secolo: L'italia, i barbari, e l'occidente romano. (pp. 259-284). Turnhout: Brepols. . Publication link: bea7ec55-c9b7-476a-aee2-787b91ddd51f


  • Cooper, K., Hillner, J., K., . U., Hillner, J. H., Hillner, . U., & J, H. (2007). Religion, Dynasty, and Patronage in Early Christian Rome, 300-900 (Editors Kate Cooper and Julia Hillner). Cambridge University Press.. Publication link: b90670d1-200e-4b2b-aced-d5e76cf72ce7
  • Cooper, K. (2007). ?Poverty, Obligation, and Inheritance: Roman Heiresses and the Varieties of Senatorial Christianity in Fifth-century Rome? In . J. Hillner (Ed.), Religion, Dynasty, and Patronage, and Authority in Earaly Christian Rome, 300-900. Cambridge University Press. . Publication link: d15e2e8a-aca1-41ef-aa15-35bfdbfd5114
  • Cooper, K. (2007). `Only virgins can give birth to Christ?: The Virgin Mary and the problem of female authority in late antiquity. In . J. Fletcher, & . B. MacLachlan (Eds.), Virginity Revisited: Configurations of the Unpossessed Body (Studies in Gender, Phoenix Supplementary Volumes). University of Toronto Press. . Publication link: 0a55e89d-e409-42fe-b6c2-f8a7b8fb6477
  • Cooper, K. (2007). The fall of the Roman household. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.. Publication link: 27e3cf26-95ed-459d-a768-397c152f2e78
  • Cooper, K. (2007). Closely watched households: Visibility, exposure and private power in the roman domus. Past and Present, 197(1), 3-33. DOI: 10.1093/pastj/gtm012. Publication link: 67db383e-366d-4e2d-a0b6-53bb79f6cff4
  • Cooper, K. (2007). Poteri invisibili: La matrona cristiana tra obsequium ed autorita` legittima all'epoca di sant'Agostino. In . C. La Rocca (Ed.), Agire da Donna: Modelli e prattiche di rappresentazione (secoli VI-X). (pp. 7-21). Turnhout: Brepols. . Publication link: a1e2f01a-b0b2-4d56-a727-f8299a6da369
  • Cooper, K. (2007). Approaching the holy household. Journal of Early Christian Studies, 15(2), 131-142. DOI: 10.1353/earl.2007.0032. Publication link: 89d4d9bf-322f-4d7b-9c78-54c0aa6f7084


  • Leyser, C., Hillner, J., & Cooper, K. (2006). Dark Age Rome: An Interactive Topography. A GIS Project of the Centre for Late Antiquity, University of Manchester. In C. Machado, . A. Gutteridge, & W. Bowden (Eds.), Social and Political Life in Late Antiquity. (pp. 311-337). Brill. . Publication link: 1e20669d-1eab-48d2-95ec-692d2d1f3885
  • Cooper, K. (2006). The Patristic Period. In The Blackwell Companion to the Bible and Culture. Blackwell. . Publication link: 6c702a0b-078c-4660-9c4e-d3d7d3643f14
  • Cooper, K. (2006). ?Poteri Invisibili: La matrona cristiana tra obsequium ed autorita legittima all?epoca di sant? Agostino? In Cristina La Rocca, ed., Impari opportunità: La rappresentazione dell’agire femminile nell’ alto medioevo europeo come strumento di valutazione politica (secoli VI-X). Brepols. . Publication link: 6b308d30-cbbc-403e-b8d2-4c85fb58d8e0


  • Cooper, K. (2005). Household and Empire: The Materfamilias as Miles Christi in the Anonymous Handbook for Gregoria. In A. Mulder-Bakker, & . J. Wogan-Browne (Eds.), Household, Women, and Christinaities. Brepols. . Publication link: dd6f982b-9861-4f0c-bfb4-0d7310565a01
  • Cooper, K. (2005). The Household and the Desert: Monastic and Biological Communities in the Lives of Melania the Younger. In J. Wogan-Browne, & . A. Mulder-Bakker (Eds.), Household, Women And Christianities in Late Antiquity And the Middle Ages. Brepols. . Publication link: 13014d4a-d361-45f2-948a-a1606574ec2e
  • Cooper, K. (2005). The Virgin as Social Icon. In . R. Nip, & . M. Vin Dijk (Eds.), Saints, Scholars, and Politicians: Gender as a Tool in Medieval Studies. Brepols Publishers. . Publication link: 5bfecf10-01e4-47ae-b8d8-755bcd0c7b52
  • Cooper, K. (2005). Ventriloquism and the Miraculous: Conversion, Preaching, and the Martyr Exemplum in Late Antiquity. In J. Gregory (Ed.), Signs, Wonders, Miracles: Representations of Divine Power in the Life of the Church ( Studies in Church History 41). Boydell and Brewer. . Publication link: 7b24e90c-a008-47e3-b1e9-e2c39e211730


  • Cooper, K. (2004). Empress and Theotokos: Gender and Patronage in the Christological Controversy (Studies in Church History 39). In R. N. Swanson (Ed.), The Church and Mary. Boydell Press. . Publication link: 282b178d-c6a6-4707-b348-997db3f6b919
  • Cooper, K. (2004). Chastity. In Enclyclopedia of Religion, Second Edition. Thompson Gale. . Publication link: cd7d6b4b-e97a-4219-8092-ec114de0fb78


  • Cooper, K. (2000). ?The Widow as Impresario: Gender, Authority, and Legendary Afterlives in Eugippius? Vita Severini? In Walter Pohl and Maximilian Diesenberger, eds., Eugippius und Severinus: Der Autor, der Text, und der Heilige. Austrian Academy of Sciences. . Publication link: 6546b34d-e5b1-42e4-8648-f2ddbbc11622
  • Leyser, C., & Cooper, K. (2000). The Gender of Grace: Impotence, Servitude, and Manliness in the Fifth-Century West. Gender and History, 12. . Publication link: 4d704ba9-8d0b-4bba-92df-be2bdb4bcc7a
  • Cooper, K. (2000). The Roman Martyrs and the Politics of Memory. Blackwell--Early Medieval Europe.. Publication link: 0b39baaa-7f03-4b8c-828b-d7f6b90734f1
  • Cooper, K. (2000). Matthidia's Wish: Division, reunion, and the early Christian family in the pseudo-Clementine 'Recognitions. In Narrativity in Biblical and Related Texts. Leuven: Peeters. . Publication link: afc2cbdd-dc5a-41d1-af33-f4b5c26a69d8


  • Cooper, K. (1999). The Martyr, the Matrona, and the Bishop: Gender and the rhetoric of allegiance in the Roman 'gesta martyrum'. Early Medieval Europe, 8. . Publication link: f813c1d1-f32f-4db3-8253-2ce7a224b323


  • Cooper, K. (1998). Contesting the Nativity: Wives, virgins, and Pulcheria's 'imitatio Mariae'. Scottish Journal of Religious Studies, 19. . Publication link: ca6ae28b-e64f-4a87-abdf-bf75d06439fa
  • Cooper, K. (1998). The Voice of the Victim: Gender, Representation, and Early Christian Martyrdom. Bulletin of the John Rylands University Library, 80. . Publication link: 29e208b6-eba4-4447-9d70-fe203134eb8a


  • Cooper, K. (1996). The Virgin and the Bride: Idealized Womanhood in Late Antiquity. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.. Publication link: 3ec51cc4-a907-451a-972e-6e32ebe91406



  • Cooper, K. (1994). “Of Romance and mediocritas: Re-reading the Martyr exemplum in the Passio Anastasiae”. In Giulia Barone et al., eds., Modelli di comportamento e modi di santità. Rosenberg & Sellier. . Publication link: 9d3bca44-f734-4197-9fb4-1aaefd06198b



  • Cooper, K. (1992). “Insinuations of Womanly Influence: An Aspect of the Christianization of the Roman Aristocracy”. Journal of Roman Studies, 82. . Publication link: 4f065264-6a49-4ef7-bc56-5f50f14c786c