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Mrs Keri Brown (BA, MPhil, FSA) - publications

List of publications


  • Abu-Mandil Hassan, N., Brown, K. A., Eyers, J., Brown, T. A., & Mays, S. (2014). Ancient DNA study of the remains of putative infanticide victims from the Yewden Roman villa site at Hambleden, England. Journal of Archaeological Science, 43(1), 192-197. DOI:10.1016/j.jas.2013.12.017
    . Publication link: 5db76a5c-bbbf-4a0e-bf01-66e6b08cb2ab


  • Abu- Mandil, N., Parton, J., Abu-Mandil Hassan, N., Brown, T. A., Haswell, S. J., Brown, K. A., & Shaw, K. J. (2013). Sex identification of ancient DNA samples using a microfluidic device. Journal of Archaeological Science, 40(1), 705-711. DOI:10.1016/j.jas.2012.07.012
    . Publication link: 52eeb62a-4239-4a25-a6a0-fa63f4e020c6


  • Hanna, J., Bouwman, A. S., Brown, K. A., Parker Pearson, M., & Brown, T. A. (2012). Ancient DNA typing shows that a Bronze Age mummy is a composite of different skeletons. Journal of Archaeological Science, 39(8), 2774-2779. DOI:10.1016/j.jas.2012.04.030
    . Publication link: 970e9905-e36c-4641-ab23-e591d5b56b53



  • Isaac, A. D., Muldoon, M., Brown, K. A., & Brown, T. A. (2010). Genetic analysis of wheat landraces enables the location of the first agricultural sites in Italy to be identified. Journal of Archaeological Science, 37(5), 950-956. DOI:10.1016/j.jas.2009.11.028
    . Publication link: 8d9956ea-9284-4542-813a-22c17db78325


  • Brown, K., Bouwman, A. S., Brown, K. A., Brown, T. A., Chilvers, E. R., Arnott, R. G., & Prag, A. J. N. W. (2009). Kinship in Aegean prehistory? Ancient DNA in human bones from Greece and Crete.Annual of the British School at Athens, in press.
    . Publication link: 096514a1-e8b8-4bcf-93e3-eaa5d897c0d8


  • Bouwman, A. S., Brown, K. A., Prag, A. J. N. W., & Brown, T. A. (2008). Kinship between burials from Grave Circle B at Mycenae revealed by ancient DNA typing. Journal of Archaeological Science, 35(9), 2580-2584. DOI:10.1016/j.jas.2008.04.010
    . Publication link: 4e726c63-7c2f-4a68-9e28-231607b67e89
  • Chilvers, E. R., Bouwman, A. S., Brown, K. A., Arnott, R. G., Prag, A. J. N. W., & Brown, T. A. (2008). Ancient DNA in human bones from Neolithic and Bronze Age sites in Greece and Crete. Journal of Archaeological Science, 35(10), 2707-2714. DOI:10.1016/j.jas.2008.04.019
    . Publication link: 3cfc8cc0-6180-447f-aa03-080d46b7b6ae
  • Brown, K. A., & Pearsall, D. (Ed.) (2008). Regional studies – modern DNA and archaeology. In Encyclopedia of Archaeology. Academic Press.
    . Publication link: 761759d9-a16d-4c63-9aae-f8dc20e39600


  • Bouwman, A. S., Chilvers, E. R., Brown, K. A., & Brown, T. A. (2006). Brief communication: Identification of the authentic ancient DNA sequence in a human bone contaminated with modern DNA. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 131(3), 428-431. DOI:10.1002/ajpa.20411
    . Publication link: b8129000-ea6b-42a1-9f2e-027faa1b0fb2
  • Hamilton, S., Whitehouse, R., Brown, K., Combes, P., Herring, E., & Thomas, M. S. (2006). Phenomenology in practice: Towards a methodology for a 'subjective' approach. European Journal of Archaeology, 9(1), 31-71. DOI:10.1177/1461957107077704
    . Publication link: c9ccb664-54ee-4c3d-a5f9-1ea04d9336d5


  • Brown, K. A. (2004). Aerial archaeology of the Tavoliere – the Italian air photographic record and the Riley archive.Accordia Research Papers, 9.
    . Publication link: 635a7657-478b-4652-bb92-cfd75c16892b



  • Brown, K., Brown, T. A., Brown, K. A., Flaherty, C. E., Little, L. M., & Prag, A. J. N. W. (2000). DNA analysis of bones from Grave Circle B at Mycenae: a first report.Annual of the British School at Athens, 95.
    . Publication link: 0e59c19d-b137-4520-9871-e9f6d260c139