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Ms Sarah Beazley (MRCSLT, BSc ) - publications

List of publications


  • Beazley SM. BEAZLEY, S. (1992) Social skills group work with deaf people. Fawcus, M. (Ed) Group Encounters in Speech and Language Therapy. Whurr Publications, eScholarID:1d33196
  • Beazley SM. BEAZLEY, S. and Moore, M. (1997) Involving Disabled People in Research: a study of inclusion in environmental activities. C. Barnes and G. Mercer (Eds) Doing Disability Research. Leeds: The Disability Press, eScholarID:1d33243
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  • Beazley SM. BEAZLEY, S. and Moore, M. (1995) Deaf Children, Their Families and Professionals: Dismantling Barriers. London : David Fulton..
  • Beazley SM. Moore, M., BEAZLEY, S. and Maelzer, J. (1998) Researching Disability Issues.. Open University Press.
  • Beazley SM. Moore, M. and BEAZLEY, S. (1996) Split Family Life. M. Moore, J. Sixsmith and K. Knowles (Eds) Children's Reflections on Family Life. London: Falmer, pp 66-80, eScholarID:1d33056
  • Beazley SM. Round, S. and Beazley, S. (2009) Launching and sustaining an evidence-based specialist service. Roddam, H. and Skeat, J. (Eds) Implementing Research Evidence in Speech-Language Pathology Practice: clinical perspectives, eScholarID:1d33240


  • Helen Chilton and Sarah Beazley. (2013). "Theory of mind: are there wider implications from working with d/Deaf people?". Disability & Society, eScholarID:216045 | DOI:doi/full/10.1080/09687599.2013.816623
  • Beazley, S and Williams, V. Virtual Special Issue: Childhood and Disability 2013 Disability and Society.
  • Book review of 'Talking about Jane Austen in Baghdad’ printed in a special issue of Medicine, Conflict and Survival Volume 29, Issue 1, 2013 Special Issue: CARA Iraq Research Fellowship Programme.
  • Sarah Beazley, Val Williams. (2013). Childhood and Disability Key papers from Disability & Society. London: Routledge. eScholarID:216046 | DOI:


  • Selecting students for the profession: are we getting it right?. Presented at RCSLT Conference 2012 Driving transformation using evidence based practice. Manchester: RCSLT. eScholarID:195179
  • BEAZLEY, S., Merritt, R. and Halden, J. (2012). Working with Deaf Children. Kersner, M. and Wright, J. (Eds) Speech and Language Therapy. London: Taylor Francis. eScholarID:195172


  • Beazley, S. and Chilton, H. (2010). How ToD/SALT collaboration in the post-16 sector can support deaf students/learners as they aim to communicate in wider social and work contexts. Invited workshop leader, Beazley, S. and Chilton, H. BATOD (British Association of Teachers of the Deaf) Joint conference with RCSLT – Saturday 13 March 2010. London: BATOD. eScholarID:195177
  • Round, S. and BEAZLEY, S. (2010). Launching and sustaining an evidence-based specialist service. In Roddam, H. and Skeat, J (Ed.), Embedding Evidence-Based Practice in Speech and Language Therapy Practice. Wiley. eScholarID:122022
  • Halden, J. and Beazley, S. (2010). Test questions. eScholarID:195176


  • Beazley SM. (2000). Accessing The Views of Children who do not use the Majority Language. Moore, M. (ed) Insider Perspectives: Unit 3, MEd Special and Inclusive Education Sheffield University Publication, eScholarID:1d33304


  • Beazley SM, Moore M. (1996). Family lives of hearing children with Deaf parents. Children's Reflections on Family Life, 81-99. eScholarID:1d33244