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Dr Veronique Pin-Fat - publications

List of publications



  • Pin-Fat, V., & Gupta, S. (Ed.) (2015). Cosmopolitanism without foundations. In Politics and Cosmopolitanism in a Global Age. New Delhi: Routledge. . Publication link: 060bb989-68f9-4017-acb4-b0e8298b5f4d


  • Pin-Fat, V., Stern, M., Vaughan-Williams, N. (Ed.), & Peoples, C. (Ed.) (2012). The Scripting of Private Jessica Lynch: Biopolitics, Gender, and the ‘Feminization’ of the US Military. In Critical Security Studies: Volume II 'Broadening Security'. (Vol. II, pp. 123-148). London & New York: Routledge. . Publication link: e24d87f5-8391-46e8-b2d8-beae349c5c6b
  • Pin-Fat, V. (2012). Cosmopolitanism and the end of humanity. Unknown Journal. DOI: 10.1111/ips.12021. Publication link: 8cd1e1a8-3a73-49d4-a2b7-560948d8e18a


  • Pin-Fat, V. (2009). Universality, Ethics and International Relations: A Grammatical Reading. (1 ed.) (Interventions). London: Routledge.. Publication link: a31c4ff1-87d4-431d-b75f-ea2660f348bc


  • Pin-Fat, V., Edkins, J. (Ed.), & Zehfuss, M. (Ed.) (2008). How do we begin to think about the world? In Global Politics: A New Introduction. (pp. 22-44). London: Routledge. . Publication link: 435006b8-c2b8-4794-bc80-119501b4bb77



  • Pin-Fat, V., Edkins, J., & Shapiro, M. J. (2004). Sovereign Lives: Power in an Era of Globalisation. Routledge.. Publication link: a1c79390-19c9-45ad-a149-8c6e4eb4b8ac
  • Pin-Fat, V. E., Edkins, J., & J. Shapiro, M. (Ed.) (2004). Life, Power, Resistance. In Sovereign Lives: Power in an Era of Globalisation. New York: Routledge. . Publication link: febc6924-695e-465c-a2f9-7346e6c80351


  • Pin-Fat, V. (2000). (Im)possible universalism: Reading human rights in world politics. Review of International Studies, 26(4), 663-674. . Publication link: cdf64e7f-bad4-42ba-b9e3-99a026202900



  • Pin-Fat, V., Neumann, I. (Ed.), & Waever, O. (Ed.) (1997). Jean Bethke Elshtain: Traversing the Terrain Between. In The Future of International Relations: Masters in the Making?. Routledge. . Publication link: 34130cf8-fac5-4ed4-9dec-fb1c278fbe3c
  • Pin-Fat, V. (1997). Why aren't we laughing?: Grammatical Investigations in World Politics. Politics, 17(2). . Publication link: bfda3ef2-192c-49cb-ad93-fbe21d08e99e


  • Pin-Fat, V., Edkins, J., & Lekhi, R. (Ed.) (1995). Post-International Politics: An Emerging Dissident Literature? In The state of the Academy: New Reflections on Political Studies. London: Network Press. . Publication link: c710c638-ecd2-43f4-9d6e-f89bab4effd7