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Dr Veronique Pin-Fat - research

Research interests

Specific research interests:

Veronique's research is informed by what she calls a "grammatical reading" - an application of the philosophy of the later Wittgenstein to world politics. Within the context of world politics she grammatically reads ethics, subjectivity (including humanism and posthumanism), cosmopolitanism, universality, love and ethics, gender, human rights and International Relations theory.

Her most recent publications are:

2016a. "Seeing humanity anew: Grammatically reading liberal cosmopolitanism." In Re-Grounding Cosmopolitanism: Towards a Post-Foundational Cosmopolitanism, edited by Tamara Caraus and Elena Paris. Abingdon: Routledge.
2016b. "Dissolutions of the Self." In Narrative Global Politics, edited by Elizabeth Dauphinée and Naeem Inayatullah, 25-34. Abingdon: Routledge.
2016c. "Afterword: The Horror of Love." In Anaesthesia, edited by Valentina Abenavoli. London: Akina Books.
2016d. "(Im)possible Universalism: Remarks on the Politics and Ethics of Grammar." E-International Relations, Last Modified 29 July 2016.
2016e. "Writing narrative as ethics and philosophy in International Relations: Reflections on a difficulty in writing a research monograph."  Journal of Narrative Politics 1 (3).

Current research projects:

Veronique is currently working on an article entitled "What's love got to do with it?: Emotions, Ethics and Encounter in International Relations". This is part of a series of publications which constitutes a larger research project on love in global politics. She is also addressing the implications of the work of Stanley Cavell for International Relations.

PhD students awarded

PhD students:


  1. Thomas Tyerman (2012-2016). Submitted pending award. Border struggles: Segregation, Migrant Solidarity, and Ethical Politics in Everyday Life. Co-supervised with Cristina Masters.
  2. Andrew Slack (2008-2016). Submitted pending award. 'Doing Something' aobut Modern Slavery: Scenes of Responsibility, Practices of Hospitality. Co-supervised with Maja Zehfuss.
  3. Rachel Massey (2011-2015). Submitted pending award. 'Leaky Bodies': Critical Reflections on Contemporary Framings of Conflict Bassed Sexual Violence in Congo (DRC). Co-supervised with Cristina Masters.
  4. Kathryn Starnes (2008-2015). Awarded May 2015. Fairy Tales, Textbooks and Social Science: A Folklorist Reading. Co-supervised with Cristina Masters.
  5. Roisin Read (2009-2013). Awarded December 2013. Grammatically Reading Oxfam's Pracitices of Relief and Reconstruction in South Sudan. Co-supervised with Tim Jacoby.
  6. Julia Welland (2009-2013). Awarded November 2013. Masculinity and Violence in the British Military. Co-supervised with Cristina Masters.
  7. Rebecca Ehata (2009-2013). Awarded September 2013. Migrant Belonging in IR: Tracing the Reflection of IR's Autochthonous Foundations in British Housing Discourse. Co-supervised with Peter Lawler
  8. Nanci Hogan MPhil (2005-2013). Awarded June 2013. The Implications of a Politics of Natality for the Praxis of Peacebuilding in the Middle East. Co-supervised with Angelia Wilson.
  9. Katherine Allison (2005 -2009). Awarded November 2009. US military intervention in Afghanistan and women's rights. University scholarship. Primary supervisor.
  10. Kelly Staples (2003- 2008). Awarded May 2008. Justice, Community and Membership: Revisiting Statelessness in International Political Theory. Sole supervisor.
  11. Robin Redhead (2002-2007): Awarded February 2007. Reading the Visual: Gender, Human Rights and International Relations. Sole supervisor.
  12. Simona Rentea (2002- 2007). Awarded January 2007. The Limits of the Weberian State in International Relations Theory. . Co-supervised with Peter Lawler..
  13. A.P.A Hutchinson (2000-2005): Awarded December 2005. Philosophy and the Emotion of Shame.  Co-supervised with Harry Lesser (Philosophy).

PhD supervision current

Supervision areas:

Veronique is especially interested in supervising PhDs on grammatical readings of IR, ethics, universality, post-foundational cosmopolitanism, posthumanism, love and ethics in IR, emotions in IR, the discursive constructions of ethical possibility in world politics, articulations of danger and ethics, sovereignty and subjectivity and resistance.

Research students:

In progress

1. Rahima Siddique (2015 - Present). Masculinities and Radicalization: A Critical Enquiry into Gender, Violence and Extremism in the Radicalization Process in the 21st Century. ESRC Quota Award. Co-supervised with Cristina Masters.