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Contact a society

Societies are an important part of The University of Manchester's Students' Union. They can help you settle into your new surroundings quickly and easily.

Societies can give you advice in your own language to help you settle into life in Manchester. You can contact many of our societies by email – the address will be provided on their websites or on the Students' Union's website.

This is not an exhaustive list. For further information about the wide range of societies at The University of Manchester, please contact the Students' Union.

If you want to contact a student from your own country at Manchester, please email

African Caribbean Society

The African Caribbean Society (ACS) is a community of students who identify with or appreciate the African Caribbean cultures and lifestyles.

Arab Society

The Arab Society aims to help Arab and non-Arab postgraduate students to meet, interact, know each other and have fun through different social, sport and cultural activities.

Bangladesh Society

The Bangladesh Society aims to ensure the welfare of Bangladeshi and Bengali students and to enhance the cultural spirit of all students.

Buddhist Society

You can find out more about the Students' Union's thriving and very popular Buddhist Society by emailing them.

Bruneian Society

Students coming to the University from Brunei may find it helpful to email the Bruneian Society, which links together fellow students from the same country.

Chinese Students and Scholars Association

The Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) is a good resource for Chinese students. You can also contact the CSSA by email.

Christian Union

The Christian Union provides the opportunity for students to be welcomed by and meet with other Christian students in Manchester.

Estonian Society

If you are coming to the University from Estonia, the Estonian Society will help you settle into your new surroundings.

Greek and Cypriot Society

Students coming to Manchester from Greece and Cyprus can get involved in helping the community and introducing Greek and Cypriot culture through the Greek and Cypriot Society.

Hindu Student Forum

The University's Hindu population continues to grow and is supported by the National Hindu Student Forum (NHSF). You can contact the NHSF by email before you arrive in Manchester.

Indian Society

The Indian Society provides its members with fun events and a platform for new international students to make friends, settle in Manchester and enjoy University with a touch of Indian culture and tradition.

Japanese Society

The Japanese Society is a place for Japanese people and those who are interested in Japanese culture to meet and have fun together.

Jewish Society

Manchester has a very large Jewish population and that is reflected in the University's thriving Jewish Society.

Lithuanian Society

The Lithuanian Society unites all Lithuanians, their friends and all the people that are interested in Lithuanian culture.

Malaysian Society

Students from Malaysia are directed towards the Malaysian Students Society Manchester, which offers support and advice to those who are about to come to Manchester or who are settling into Manchester life.

Mauritian Society

The Mauritian Society welcomes any students to become a member. The committee members organise events to promote Mauritian culture and ethos, and to facilitate networking and communication.

Mexican Society

The University's population of Mexican students is looked after by the Mexican Society. They can be contacted by email before you come to Manchester.

Pakistan Society

The north-west of England has a very large Pakistani population, making Manchester a very popular destination for students from the country. The Pakistan Society is a great way for Pakistani students to meet up with each other.

Persian Society

The University is home to a Persian society, which helps students from the country settle into their new surroundings. You can email the society before your studies begin.

Polish Student Society

The main goals of the Polish Student Society are to provide opportunities to socialise and to support new and existing Polish students.

Romanian Society

The Romanian Society aims to promote Romanian cultures and traditions in the broader context of sharing universal values.

Russian Speaking Society

The Russian Speaking Society is aimed at gathering Russian speakers and those who are interested in Russian-speaking countries and exploring the culture.

Sikh Society

Manchester's thriving Sikh community is served by a Sikh Society that provides support and advice for followers of the faith who are new to Manchester.

Singapore Students' Society

The Singapore Students' Society aims to bring Singaporeans and friends of Singapore together for activities involving fun, food and friendship.

Syrian Society

The Syrian Society offers a helpful point of contact for Syrian students coming to Manchester.

Thai Society

The Thai Society aims to unite Thai students, promote Thai culture and exchange multicultural experiences with foreigners universally.

Turkish Society

The Turkish Society is a cultural exchange environment which aims to help bring together Turkish students and all other students who are interested in Turkish culture.

Vietnamese Society

The Vietnamese Society was founded to promote friendship and fellowship among Vietnamese students and to encourage a better understanding of the Vietnamese culture.