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Brexit: In or out – do you need help answering the question?


With a week to go until the polls open for EU Referendum, The University of Manchester has political experts available to speak to the media on all aspects of the debate before, during the vote and for post result analysis.

Whether you need expert commentary on the party-political ramifications for the losing side, what happens next if the UK does leave, or need someone to simply unravel the truth behind the myths (such as Boris' banana claims), we have experienced media commentators available. All our political experts are vastly experienced in dealing with the press and speaking to journalists.

These include:

Professor Jane Green, Professor of Political Science

Professor Robert Ford, Professor of Political Science

Professor Andrew Russell, Professor of Politics

Professor Dimitris Papadimitriou, Professor of Politics

Dr Kathryn Simpson, Lecturer/Research Associate in Politics

For further information on a more extensive list of political experts visit 

All we ask is that you credit our experts as being from The University of Manchester. Also, if you can’t find the right person through our experts group get in touch and we’ll find an expert quickly for your story (just remember to cite us!)

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