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At The University of Manchester news breaks every day, whether it's a new discovery by one of our academics, an award won by one of our students, or an upcoming event at one of our visitor attractions.

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Latest news

Update on today’s major incident on North Campus
(04 Mar 2015)
The chemical that caused the major incident on North Campus today has been removed from Pariser Building for safe disposal and the Police cordon around Sackville Street has been lifted.

Indian contribution to WW1 highlighted by Manchester academics
(04 Mar 2015)
The historic and significant role played by Indian soldiers in the First World War is the focus of a public lecture taking at The University of Manchester today (4 March).

Bishop of Manchester to open unique film series
(04 Mar 2015)
The Bishop of Manchester is set to open The Playing God Film Series on Thursday 5 March. This unique film series, which is the first of its kind, will focus on the roles of science and religion in movies.

Apprenticeship was a ‘Turing-point’ for Ramez and his family
(02 Mar 2015)
The University has launched its 2015 apprenticeship campaign to encourage managers across the organisation to consider hiring apprentices when suitable vacancies arise; it has set a target of at least 100 apprentices in post by the end of the year. Here, we talk to Ramez, the second of our featured apprentices:

Experts’ advice for preventing a fall this winter
(02 Mar 2015)
Falls are the leading cause of fatal injuries among older people but, even though the weather continues to be wet and icy, experts from the University of Manchester are showing that falls can be avoided.

Gold and white or blue and black? #TheDress explained
(27 Feb 2015)
Clinical vision scientist, Dr Neil Parry, sheds some light on why millions around the world are confused about the colour of a dress in a photo circulating on the Internet.

University welcomes integration of health and social care in Greater Manchester
(27 Feb 2015)
The University of Manchester has welcomed the news of proposals for the integration of health and social care services in Greater Manchester, providing more opportunities for the benefit of local people.

Manchester is first Russell Group university to offer MA Screenwriting course
(27 Feb 2015)
The University of Manchester’s Centre for New Writing is proud to announce the launch of a groundbreaking new postgraduate course, designed to equip emerging screenwriting talent with the practical skills required to succeed in the UK film and television industry.

Synthetic biology breakthrough leads to cheaper statin production
(27 Feb 2015)
University of Manchester researchers, together with industrial partner DSM, have developed a single-step fermentative method for the production of leading cholesterol-lowering drug, pravastatin, which will facilitate industrial-scale statin drug production.

Innovative approach to assessing effectiveness of anti-cancer drugs
(27 Feb 2015)
Manchester scientists have a developed a new method to monitor the effect of anti-cancer drugs on very rare leukaemia stem cells. The approach potentially allows doctors to screen patients and personalise their treatment.

New report highlights impact of sharing equipment across higher education sector
(26 Feb 2015)
Innovation, increased productivity, and maximum value for public investment are being enabled by more efficient and effective deployment of research equipment, according to a new report from the N8 Research Partnership.

Shami Chakrabarti to deliver inaugural Pankhurst Lecture
(26 Feb 2015)
Shami Chakrabarti, director of human-rights organisation Liberty and honorary professor of The University of Manchester, will deliver the inaugural Pankhurst Lecture this evening in honour of Christabel Pankhurst.

Self-harm in Manchester continues to rise in latest figures
(25 Feb 2015)
The latest figures released by University of Manchester experts show that self-harm rates in Manchester are increasing.

Graphene shows potential as novel anti-cancer therapeutic strategy
(25 Feb 2015)
University of Manchester scientists have used graphene to target and neutralise cancer stem cells while not harming other cells.

Fungal disease deaths: just ‘$30 a person’ for global AIDS reduction
(24 Feb 2015)
Early detection and treatment of fungal meningitis and pneumonia can save hundreds of thousands of lives, for a cost of 'only $30' per HIV patient, a conference convened by a University of Manchester academic has concluded.

New Research Partnership to inform policing policy and practice
(24 Feb 2015)
A new programme of research and knowledge sharing, involving The University of Manchester, is to play a key role in informing future policing policy, following funding for a major new research collaboration in the North of England.

Apprentice Liam invigorates whole team
(23 Feb 2015)
The University has launched its 2015 apprenticeship campaign to encourage managers across the organisation to consider hiring apprentices when suitable vacancies arise; it has set a target of at least 100 apprentices in post by the end of the year.

Organization of American States partnership offers PhD scholarships
(20 Feb 2015)
The University of Manchester is the first UK university to partner with the Organization of American States to offer scholarships to students from the Americas to study for a PhD in Manchester.

Darwin meets the Exorcist in unique film series
(19 Feb 2015)
A unique film series which is the first of its kind opens in Manchester next month focusing on the roles of science and religion in movies.

Secret of extinct British marine reptile uncovered
(19 Feb 2015)
A new type of ichthyosaur, an extinct marine reptile which was alive at the same time as the dinosaurs, has been identified from a fossil found on Dorset’s Jurassic coast.

University part of new family drug and alcohol courts unit
(18 Feb 2015)
Researchers from The University of Manchester are part of a new national unit which will establish Family Drug and Alcohol Courts (FDAC) across England.

Why must black students do better than white students to get into university?
(16 Feb 2015)
New video showcases work being done by researchers at The University of Manchester to understand why black and minority ethnic students still find it harder to get places at university.

DVD for MRI scan patients leads to more successful scans and reduces anxiety
(13 Feb 2015)
A DVD designed to help people prepare for a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan, including guidance on how to relax, has led to more successful scans. The patients receiving the DVD also felt less anxious during the scan says a paper published in the British Journal of Health Psychology.

Library Followers Tweet a Love-Inspired Chaotic Poem
(13 Feb 2015)
A new chaotic poem about love, created by Twitter followers, is on display from today (Friday 13 February) at The John Rylands Library in central Manchester.

Technology scheme gets Government cash boost
(12 Feb 2015)
The UK Government has announced that Cumbria-based innovation and technology development scheme Innovus has secured £1.5 million via The University of Manchester from the Regional Growth Fund to help businesses grow and create jobs.

Manchester study reveals the poetry of rap, through rhyme
(12 Feb 2015)
A study of tracks from the debut albums of major hip hop artists has found that rhyming patterns come as second nature to some of rap's biggest stars - likening them to modern-day poets.

Hand washing focus in hospitals has led to rise in worker dermatitis
(12 Feb 2015)
A new study from The University of Manchester has revealed that the incidence of dermatitis has increased 4.5 times in health care workers following increased hand hygiene as a drive to reduce infections such as MRSA has kicked in.

Astronomers catch ‘Tatooine’ multiple-star system as it forms
(11 Feb 2015)
For the first time astronomers have caught a multiple-star system as it is created, and their observations are providing new insight into how such systems, and possibly the solar system, are formed.

Ten years in graphene - Dr Cinzia Casiraghi
(11 Feb 2015)
This is a blog by Dr Cinzia Casiraghi, a Reader in Graphene and Carbon Nanostructures at The University of Manchester. She is also the Chairperson of Graphene Week 2015 and was the recent recipient of the Marlow Award.

Heating targeted cancer drugs increases uptake in tumour cells
(11 Feb 2015)
Manchester scientists have found that gentle heating of targeted nano-sized drug parcels more effectively in deliver them to tumour cells – resulting in an improvement in survival rates.

The Whitworth reopens on Valentine's Day
(10 Feb 2015)
Visit our transformed art gallery from 14 February – and find out more via a number of BBC features.

Volunteers needed for skin stress study
(10 Feb 2015)
The University of Manchester is asking for volunteers to have the quality of their skin analysed by a high specification camera – which will reveal exactly how many lines and wrinkles they may have!

Coalition’s record on schools - independent assessment released
(10 Feb 2015)
University of Manchester Professor of Education pens paper examining schools policies, spending and trends under coalition government.

Manchester leads research to find ways to tackle food poverty and waste
(09 Feb 2015)
University researchers will work with charities to explore how to reduce waste and get food to those who cannot afford it.

University commended for apprentice campaign that transforms lives
(06 Feb 2015)
The University of Manchester has been recognised by the National Apprenticeship Service as the first university in England to commit to directly recruiting apprentices to its workforce on a sizeable scale.

How tuna stay warm with cold hearts
(06 Feb 2015)
Scientists at The University of Manchester, working with colleagues at Stanford University in America, have discovered how prized bluefin tuna keep their hearts pumping during temperature changes that would stop a human heart.

Researchers find gene that confirms existence of psoriatic arthritis
(05 Feb 2015)
Researchers led by the Arthritis Research UK Centre for Genetics and Genomics at The University of Manchester have identified genetic variants that are associated with psoriatic arthritis (PsA) but not with psoriasis, in the largest study of PsA ever published.

MedImmune announces partnership to advance protein formulation science
(04 Feb 2015)
MedImmune, the global biologics research and development arm of AstraZeneca, and The University of Manchester have entered into a new research collaboration to generate cutting-edge protein formulation science.

Robot Scientist ‘Eve’ could boost search for new drugs
(04 Feb 2015)
Eve, an artificially-intelligent ‘robot scientist’ could make drug discovery faster and much cheaper.

New tool maps England's climate change hotspots
(04 Feb 2015)
University of Manchester researchers have worked on the new website which aims to support fairer decision-making and policy creation on climate change.

Staff turnover and complaints in mental health trusts could be suicide warnings
(04 Feb 2015)
A national study of every NHS mental health service in the UK has found that high turnover of staff and more patient complaints could be linked to suicide risk among patients.

Lucy Powell MP to give open lecture at the University
(03 Feb 2015)
Manchester Central Labour MP will talk about her role in the shadow cabinet

Unique partnership brings new expertise to online learning
(03 Feb 2015)
The first ever set of online courses developed by a university and the Natural History Museum has opened for enrollment, with a focus on extinction.

Graphene displays clear prospects for flexible electronics
(02 Feb 2015)
Semi-transparent, flexible electronics are no longer just science-fiction thanks to graphene’s unique properties, University of Manchester researchers have found.

Possible cause of IVF failure in some women identified
(02 Feb 2015)
New research from The University of Manchester has demonstrated a previously unexplored biological process, which can lead to the failure of embryos to attach to the uterine wall during in vitro fertilisation (IVF).