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At The University of Manchester news breaks every day, whether it's a new discovery by one of our academics, an award won by one of our students, or an upcoming event at one of our visitor attractions.

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Latest news

The Whitworth is Europe’s 'Best Emerging Culture Destination'
(09 Oct 2015)
The University of Manchester’s Whitworth has been awarded the title of Europe’s Best Emerging Culture Destination by the arts travel website, Leading Culture Destinations.

Research shows treatment for rare bleeding disorder is effective
(08 Oct 2015)
Researchers in Manchester have demonstrated for the first time the relative safety and effectiveness of treatment, eltrombopag, in children with persistent or chronic immune thrombocytopenia (ITP), as part of an international duo of studies.

National Graphene Institute reveals first results with industrial partner
(08 Oct 2015)
The first official experimental results since the National Graphene Institute (NGI) opened in March have been produced. The novel collaboration between industry and academia is exploring the production of graphene in the first stage of a long-term project.

EXPERT COMMENT- President Obama apologises to MSF president for Kunduz bombing
(08 Oct 2015)
“There is, almost always, a political price to pay for acts of this kind.”- Professor Bertrand Taithe

Rare braincase provides insight into dinosaur brain
(08 Oct 2015)
Experts have described one of the most complete sauropod dinosaur braincases ever found in Europe. The find could help scientists uncover some of the mysteries of how dinosaur brains operated, including their intellectual and sensory abilities.

Destination Space Needs You: Astronaut Tim Peake calls on UK to join his crew
(07 Oct 2015)
Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre will be part of the exciting new Destination Space programme.

Birth weight and poor growth linked to later hearing and vision problems
(06 Oct 2015)
A study of up to 433,390 UK adults, led by The University of Manchester, has linked being under and overweight at birth with poorer hearing, vision and cognition in middle age.

Testing diesel engines
(06 Oct 2015)
A team at The University of Manchester is testing a Volkswagen diesel engine to try to get an accurate picture of how polluting it is.

Visionary student’s charity funds Tanzania eye clinic
(05 Oct 2015)
A University of Manchester medical student has combined the demands of his studies with setting up a charity that has equipped an eye clinic in Tanzania.

Campaign to get the whole family involved in preventing falls among older people
(01 Oct 2015)
Ahead of International Day of Older Persons (1 October) experts at The University of Manchester, are raising awareness of strength and balance programmes, which can halve the risk of falls and potentially prevent many thousands of injuries each year.

One of the country’s best loved historians wins award
(30 Sep 2015)
Michael Wood, who has been a regular face on TV for over three decades, has been awarded with the prestigious 2015 British Academy Presidents Medal Award.

Spinout to pursue commercial production of bio-propane through synthetic biology
(29 Sep 2015)
A company which has the capability to utilise synthetic biology to facilitate the production of propane has been formally incorporated and is seeking to develop industrial partnerships.

EXPERT COMMENT: Water found on Mars
(28 Sep 2015)
Tim O’Brien, Professor of astrophysics at The University of Manchester, explains why finding liquid water on Mars is such an important discovery and what it means.

New routes to the sustainable manufacturing of chemicals
(25 Sep 2015)
University of Manchester researchers have developed a novel biocatalytic system that potentially allows for the efficient and environmentally benign production of organic chemical compounds used in many everyday products. The findings are published in the leading journal Science.

EXPERT COMMENT: Supermoon eclipse
(25 Sep 2015)
Tim O’Brien, Professor of astrophysics at The University of Manchester, explains why the lunar eclipse coming up is so special.

Memories inspire young onset dementia service users’ music and art
(25 Sep 2015)
People with young onset dementia and their carers came together to provide a moving musical and artistic performance that concluded a series of weekly sessions.

Seasonal body clock discovered in animals
(24 Sep 2015)
Scientists have discovered the cells driving the annual body clock in animals which adapts their body to the changing seasons.

WATCH: ‘Get it right or go home’, top academic tells world leaders
(24 Sep 2015)
The United Nations could this week transform the fight against poverty and inequality but world leaders have to pay more than lip service to a new set of global goals or risk a major missed opportunity for change, according to one of the field’s leading thinkers.

New £8.5M project to develop green chemicals
(23 Sep 2015)
The University of Manchester is part of a multi-million pound project to produce chemicals for the food industry that are more environmentally friendly.

University proposals to extend physics and astronomy accommodation
(23 Sep 2015)
The University of Manchester has revealed its proposals for an extension to its physics and astronomy building. These will allow the University to improve the student experience, diversify recruitment, enhance transferable skills and increase employability of its students. It will also accommodate the recent growth in STEM-Foundation and Physics and Astronomy undergraduates.

EXPERT COMMENT: UN Sustainable Development Goals Summit
(21 Sep 2015)
“By 2030 we may be living in a better world.” – Professor David Hulme

New film tells parenting stories of Manchester’s Syrian refugee families
(21 Sep 2015)
Researchers at The University of Manchester and an independent film maker have produced a new documentary to show the experiences of Syrian refugee families living in Manchester.

Imaging method has potential to stratify head and neck cancer patients
(18 Sep 2015)
Manchester researchers have identified a potential new way to predict which patients with head and neck cancer may benefit most from chemotherapy.

New approach found to tackle breast cancer hormone therapy resistance
(17 Sep 2015)
University of Manchester researchers funded by Breast Cancer Now have discovered a new explanation as to why women with oestrogen receptor positive (ER+) breast cancer develop resistance to hormone treatment, and a potential new approach to overcome the problem.

Refugee Crisis Expert Media Group
(17 Sep 2015)
As each day brings a new dimension to Europe’s catastrophic refugee crisis, The University of Manchester is able to offer considerable expert analysis on the crisis and the international community’s reaction to it.

Double delight for University gallery
(17 Sep 2015)
The University of Manchester’s Whitworth has won the AJ Retrofit Award for Cultural and Public Buildings and for Heritage and Listed Buildings following its major redevelopment by MUMA (McInnes Usher McKnight Architects).

Lung ‘filtering’ technique can reduce transplant rejection
(15 Sep 2015)
University of Manchester researchers have used a new technique to recondition poorly functioning lungs and remove donor white blood cells in an attempt to increase the number of lungs available for transplant, and at the same time reduce the risk of acute rejection.

New leukaemia gene stops blood cells ‘growing up’
(14 Sep 2015)
University of Manchester scientists have identified a gene – FOXC1 – that, if switched on, causes more aggressive cancer in a fifth of acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) patients, according to a Cancer Research UK study published in the journal Cancer Cell, today (Monday).

Fashion blog takes science out of its dowdy pigeonhole
(14 Sep 2015)
Two scientists have launched a fashion blog which aims to break the stereotypical image of the dowdy middle aged scientist.

New vision unveiled for N8 Research Partnership
(14 Sep 2015)
The collaboration organisation across the North of England’s most research intensive universities – including The University of Manchester – has today (Monday, September 14) outlined its new vision for the next four years.

Beatrice Shilling – Engineer and Battle of Britain heroine
(14 Sep 2015)
The role of a Manchester pioneer who helped the RAF when facing one of its greatest challenges is remembered to coincide with the celebrations marking the 75th anniversary of the end of The Battle of Britain.

David Willetts to launch University’s Policy Week
(11 Sep 2015)
The University of Manchester will bring together leading minds in science, technology and public policy for a week of events that will shine the spotlight on Manchester as a living laboratory.

Placenta’s oxygen tanks for early embryos revealed
(10 Sep 2015)
A new role for the placenta has been revealed by University of Manchester scientists who have identified sites which store, and gradually release, oxygen for newly formed embryos in the weeks after the baby’s heart is developed.

EXPERT COMMENT: Assisted Dying Bill
(10 Sep 2015)
Friday is the second reading debate on Rob Marris's Private Members Bill on Assisted Dying. In general terms it is the same as the Bill brought before Parliament by Lord Falconer before the election.

Research power against fungal disease revealed at Manchester Centre launch
(09 Sep 2015)
Manchester leads the world in the fight against deadly fungal infections with the opening of new Centre - a powerful partnership between research, doctors and industry to help 300 million people across the globe.

Research reveals why humans like to share
(09 Sep 2015)
Human intelligence and knowledge depends on how we collect and use sharable resources, according to scientists from The University of Manchester.

The University of Manchester announces £350 million engineering campus
(09 Sep 2015)
The University of Manchester has announced that it is to invest £350 million to create a new engineering campus.

Citizen science project to measure air pollution
(09 Sep 2015)
One of the biggest ever citizen science projects needs volunteers from Manchester to help measure air pollution in our environment. And all you need to take part is a smart phone.

50 years of dilution refrigeration
(09 Sep 2015)
A key refrigeration technology, which was pioneered in Manchester, is now 50 years old and a special event is being held to mark the occasion.

Research Director appointed at the National Graphene Institute
(09 Sep 2015)
Professor Vladimir Falko has joined The University of Manchester as Research Director for the National Graphene Institute (NGI)