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At The University of Manchester news breaks every day, whether it's a new discovery by one of our academics, an award won by one of our students, or an upcoming event at one of our visitor attractions.

We'll keep you posted with the latest happenings at Manchester through news releases (you can register to receive these by email). Alternatively, you can download our University magazine, UniLife.

If you're a journalist, we'll be happy to help you out with any queries you have about our news or the University in general. We'll even put you in touch with an expert who can provide specialist insight into your story.

Latest news

Manchester scientists head to tropical rainforests for climate study
(30 Jul 2014)
Scientists from The University of Manchester have teamed up with colleagues in Brazil to venture into the Amazonian rainforest to take part in a pioneering study of the gases emitted by trees which could help us better predict climate change.

Scientists pinpoint bladder cancer patients to benefit from 'tumour-softening'
(30 Jul 2014)
Scientists in Manchester have identified a protein that could help doctors decide which bladder cancer patients would benefit from a treatment that makes radiotherapy more effective, according to a study* published in the British Journal of Cancer (BJC), today (Wednesday).

Unique images bring fossil insects back to life
(29 Jul 2014)
A ground breaking new book that brings together two of the major disciplines behind Jurassic Park is aiming to raise the profile of insect fossils through stunning photographs and unique illustrations.

“Not enough Undecideds moving towards ‘Yes’ vote”
(29 Jul 2014)
New data released by the British Election Study (BES) shows that previously undecided Scottish Referendum voters are more likely to say Yes on September 18, but are not enough in numbers to catch up with No voters.

Graphene surfaces on photonic racetracks
(28 Jul 2014)
Graphene could enable new kind of photonics-based chemical sensors and photo-detectors, University of Manchester researchers have shown.

Drugs used to treat lung disease work with the body clock
(28 Jul 2014)
Scientists from The University of Manchester have discovered why medication to treat asthma and pneumonia can become ineffective.

Piggy-backing cells hold clue to cancer growth
(25 Jul 2014)
Skin Cancer cells work together to spread further and faster, according to a new study published in Cell Reports. The discovery could lead to new drugs to tackle melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer.

Heart attack patients could be treated more quickly after Manchester research
(25 Jul 2014)
Clinical judgement, combined with an electrocardiogram (ECG) and blood test on arrival, is effective in reducing unnecessary hospital admissions for chest pain, a new study shows.

Seeing the same GP at every visit will reduce emergency department attendance
(24 Jul 2014)
Attendances at emergency departments can be reduced by enabling patients to see the same GP every time they visit their doctor’s surgery, a new study shows. This is just one of several recommendations made in a report published today by researchers at the Universities of Manchester, Bristol, UCL and Oxford.

Academics lead walk to commemorate 30th anniversary of Lindow Man
(23 Jul 2014)
Three members of The University of Manchester's staff are working with Transition Wilmslow to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the discovery of Lindow Man - the best preserved bog body to be found in Britain.

Manchester medics set to compete in Commonwealth Games
(22 Jul 2014)
Students from The University of Manchester’s Medical School will be hoping for success in sport as they compete in the Commonwealth Games which begin tomorrow (Wednesday 23 July) in Glasgow.

Master of Enterprise student invests in popular Manchester bars
(21 Jul 2014)
Chris Payne, a Master of Enterprise (MEnt) student at the University, has started out in business by acquiring two well-known Manchester bars.

Watch: Short Films, Big Impact
(18 Jul 2014)
See how our academic research and engagement with the local community is benefiting society in our collection of short films.

University masters student crowned Community Pharmacist of the Year
(18 Jul 2014)
A pharmacy student has credited her University of Manchester masters course with helping her net the prestigious Community Pharmacist of the Year award.

Top academics made British Academy Fellows
(18 Jul 2014)
Two distinguished University of Manchester academics have been made Fellows of the British Academy.

Alliance Boots and The University of Manchester renew partnership
(17 Jul 2014)
Five year skin research programme to help further develop the understanding of skin ageing.

Top flight students put Le Mans race car to the test
(17 Jul 2014)
A group of top aerospace engineering students from the University of Manchester’s School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering (MACE) had the chance to act as Formula 1 aerodynamicists for the day – and test a full-scale Le Mans LMP2 race car in a world-class wind tunnel.

Disabled law student is Sportswoman of the Year
(17 Jul 2014)
A first-year LLB student from The University of Manchester has bagged the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) Sportswoman of the Year Award.

Treatment of UK’s ‘sans papiers’ damned
(16 Jul 2014)
Undocumented migrants living in the UK and their children face hostility from officials and the public, ill-health, self-harm, and even suicide, according to a consultation, whose report is published this week.

Highest risk of suicide in first two weeks after leaving hospital
(16 Jul 2014)
Researchers call for suicides soon after discharge and deaths following restraint to be ‘never events’ in NHS.

Summer holidays at Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre
(16 Jul 2014)
Don’t miss out on our action packed summer activities!

Norwegian reindeer herds boosted by climate change
(16 Jul 2014)
Researchers say climate change isn’t threatening reindeer on the Norwegian high arctic archipelago of Svalbard.

Man U deal is ‘good news for Adidas’
(15 Jul 2014)
Yesterday, Manchester United announced a 10-year contract with Adidas, making it the club’s new kit sponsor for a record-breaking minimum £750m. Manchester Business School’s Dr Leah Donlan, a lecturer in marketing, asks what’s in it for the German manufacturers.

Postgraduate students recognised in excellence awards
(15 Jul 2014)
The outstanding performance of our postgraduate research students has been recognised in this year’s Manchester Doctoral College Excellence Awards.

Key gene variations predict patients’ risk for radiotherapy side effects
(15 Jul 2014)
Key genetic variants may affect how cancer patients respond to radiation treatments, according to a study, involving researchers at The University of Manchester, published recently in the journal Nature Genetics.

Fungicides for crops: worrying link to fungal drug resistance warn scientists
(15 Jul 2014)
Crop spraying on British farms could be aiding a life-threatening fungus suffered by tens of thousand of people in the UK each year.

University strikes hotel deal as part of £1billion campus master plan
(14 Jul 2014)
The University of Manchester has signed a deal to build a new hotel and an Executive Education Centre for Manchester Business School (MBS) on its Oxford Road campus.

Trees company: academic praised for forest work
(11 Jul 2014)
A Honorary Research Fellow at The University of Manchester has been awarded European Young Urban Forester of the Year (2014), by the European Forum on Urban Forestry (EFUF), meeting at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland.

Inspirational student makes TEDx debut
(11 Jul 2014)
An inspirational refugee, who escaped war-torn Afghanistan to eventually start a degree at The University of Manchester, has made his TEDx debut.

Better use of electronic health records makes clinical trials less expensive
(11 Jul 2014)
Using electronic health records to understand the best available treatment for patients, from a range of possible options, is more efficient and less costly for taxpayers than the existing clinical trial process, a new study shows.

New drug active against most aggressive type of lung cancer cells
(11 Jul 2014)
Manchester scientists have shown that a new drug could prove useful in treating small cell lung cancer - the most aggressive form of lung cancer.

Scientists discover clues why weight-loss surgery cures diabetes
(10 Jul 2014)
Scientists at The University of Manchester are a step closer to understanding why diabetes is cured in the majority of patients that undergo gastric bypass surgery.

President and Vice Chancellor to feature on BBC Radio 4
(10 Jul 2014)
Nancy Rothwell discusses The Leadership Gap

Ancient arachnid 'brought back to life'
(09 Jul 2014)
A stunning video based on fossils of a 410-million-year-old arachnid – one of the first predators on land – recreates the animal walking.

An evening with Chris Beardshaw
(09 Jul 2014)
Come and join us on Wednesday, 23 July to hear Chris talk about the key to successful planting combinations to create a seamless tapestry of colour and texture in your garden

Student launches social media platform for new researchers
(09 Jul 2014)
A PhD student from the University of Manchester has launched a social media platform which she hopes will help researchers at the start of their careers.

Rugby ace now graduate flyer
(09 Jul 2014)
A Sale Sharks star has graduated at The University of Manchester with a BA(Econ) in Business Studies.

Brits feel fake when ‘poshing up’ accents
(09 Jul 2014)
Some Brits with regional accents see themselves as frauds when they change their accent to cope with social situations, according to a University of Manchester linguist.

Manchester medical student finishes top of class of 2014
(09 Jul 2014)
Manchester Medical School student Tasleema Begum received an Outstanding Academic Achievement Award when she graduated this week with a MB ChB in Medicine.

New supercomputer accelerates pace of health research across North of England
(09 Jul 2014)
The Health eResearch Centre (HeRC), a research partnership led by The University of Manchester, has advanced Northern England’s computing power by financing a new computer system that can analyse bigger and more complex sets of information than was previously possible.

People with bipolar disorder are bigger risk-takers
(09 Jul 2014)
Research led by The University of Manchester has shown that circuits in the brain involved in pursuing and relishing rewarding experiences are more strongly activated in people with bipolar disorder - guiding them towards riskier gambles and away from safer ones.

The Manchester Review out now
(08 Jul 2014)
Issue 12 of The University of Manchester’s online arts journal The Manchester Review is now live.

‘Manchester mentoring scheme helped me become a doctor’
(08 Jul 2014)
A trip to The University of Manchester at age 15 has led to a career in medicine for Salford school boy Emmanuel Oladipo who graduates today (8 July).

Centre for New Writing launches #micropoem14 competition
(07 Jul 2014)
Following the success of last year's micropoetry competition, the Centre for New Writing at the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures, University of Manchester has just launched a #micropoem14 competition.

Chemotherapy shown to affect memory in young cancer patients
(07 Jul 2014)
A significant number of young cancer patients suffer memory related side effects from chemotherapy according to a study by The University of Manchester to be announced at Teenage Cancer Trust’s International Conference on Teenage and Young Adult Cancer, Royal Society of Medicine.

Vulnerable need pre-trial counselling, say experts
(07 Jul 2014)
Counsellors need more support to ensure they feel able to give victims of sexual abuse pre-trial counselling, experts will say at an event at The University of Manchester on July 8.

Manchester’s University Challenge hopefuls in new documentary
(04 Jul 2014)
University of Manchester students will feature in a new two-part documentary about the selection process for the forthcoming series of University Challenge.

Manchester Asthma and Allergy Study celebrates 18th birthday
(04 Jul 2014)
Researchers and participants involved in a long-term study into asthma and allergies by The University of Manchester and the University Hospital of South Manchester marked its landmark birthday with a big party at the Wythenshawe-based hospital.

Hazardous drinking in UK athletes linked with alcohol industry sponsorship
(02 Jul 2014)
New research from The University of Manchester (UK) and Monash University (Australia) shows a link between alcohol sponsorship and hazardous drinking in UK athletes.

New Dino-book highlights Britain’s ‘Three-rex’
(02 Jul 2014)
Jurassic Britain was a “dinosaur paradise” with more than 100 different species – including three tyrannosaurs – described in the scientific literature to date, says the author of a new book, Dinosaurs of the British Isles.