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Cost of living

This guide aims to give you an idea of what an average student spends, in order to help you plan your budget.

Apart from being a great place to live, study and socialise, Manchester is also easy on the wallet. It is consistently shown to be one of the cheapest places in the UK for students to live.

Students enjoy some of the cheapest travel costs in the country and with over 80,000 students, many local businesses, services and nightlife venues cater specifically for the student budget.

The table below is a breakdown of typical student spending for both catered and self-catered accommodation.

Estimated living costs 2013/1440 weeks
Accommodation (average cost for self-catering halls) * £4,620
Meals (based on a budget of £35 per week) £1,450
Transport £520
Books and stationery £400
Clothes (including provision of warm clothing and footwear) £400
Other general living expenses (eg, photocopying and printing, laundry, phone calls, entertainment, sports, cooking equipment etc) £1,495
Total annual expenditure £8,885

* For catered accommodation (breakfast and dinner on weekdays) add approximately £300 to the total.

These costs are intended as a guide only.

Some courses will require you to pay for specific items, materials or activities not covered in the tuition fees, such as field courses. In these cases the University endeavours to keep these additional costs as low as possible.