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Our residential campuses

We have 21 halls across three residential campuses – City, Fallowfield and Victoria Park – which all have their own unique features and amenities.

City campus

Do you want to be at the heart of our lively University campus, with lectures and study spaces on your doorstep? Then the City campus is the place for you.

These halls are located either north or south of the University campus. If you choose to live north of the campus, you’ll be a five-minute walk from the heart of the city centre, while south of the campus is a ten-minute walk or a short bus ride from the centre of the action.

You'll also have Sugden Sports Centre and Manchester Aquatics Centre on your doorstep.

Horniman House sits on lively Oxford Road in City campus.
Horniman House sits on lively Oxford Road in City campus.

City campus halls are:

Fallowfield campus

Around 2.5km south of the main University campus, Fallowfield is a popular vibrant suburb where thousands of students live happily alongside permanent residents, creating a real sense of community.

Almost a town within a city, Fallowfield is well-known for its lively social scene; you'll have no shortage of opportunities to make friends. There is also a great mix of shops, cafes, bars and a frequent bus service to and from the city centre, making it an ideal location to live.

Fallowfield is also home to the Armitage Centre, one of the University's two sports venues. The Centre offers football, rugby, hockey and cricket pitches (all-weather and grass), squash and badminton courts, fitness classes and much more.

Construction notice 2023/24

In advance of new halls of residence being built in Fallowfield, which have entered public consultation, we’re letting you know that subject to approval by Manchester City Council we aim to demolish the Owens Park Hall starting in late 2023 and continuing through 2024.

This will create some disturbance to areas neighbouring the site and should be remembered when accepting an offer for accommodation in Fallowfield halls.

For more information, read the University's plans to redevelop the student accommodation site.

Unsworth Park has a dedicated study space and common area.
Unsworth Park has a dedicated study space and common area.

Fallowfield campus halls are:

Victoria Park campus

Victoria Park is in-between the City and Fallowfield campuses, so halls here are ideally placed for both academic and social activities.

Leafy green surroundings provide a pleasant atmosphere to live and study in, with Whitworth Park and the award-winning art gallery, the Whitworth, only a short walk away. It's an approximately 15-minute walk to the University's main campus, but there are also regular bus services.

The city centre is equally accessible, only 10 minutes by bus. Next to Victoria Park is Rusholme, where a section of Wilmslow Road is fondly known as the Curry Mile. Colourful and cosmopolitan, its many restaurants and shops offer an unparalleled range of cuisine and produce. Here you'll find plenty of small minimarkets, as well as Lidl, Tesco and Sainsbury's.

Victoria Park campus halls are:

Hulme Hall is in the quieter, leafy Victoria Park but only a short walk to the main campus.
Hulme Hall is in the quieter, leafy Victoria Park but only a short walk to the main campus.

Catering options

We have a range of catered, self-catered and pay-as-you-go options in our halls of residence.

Catered halls

In catered halls, you’ll be able to enjoy your time at University without the hassle of having to shop and cook for yourself. It’s also a great way to:

  • budget your money as food costs are included;
  • socialise and meet other residents;
  • free up time to concentrate on settling in.

You’ll also benefit from a wide variety of menus that include vegetarian and vegan options and cater for special dietary needs.

Our catered halls are:

Most catered halls also have smaller kitchen facilities where you can make meals at weekends or during the day.

Self-catered halls

Self-catered halls offer flexibility and independence: you decide your food budget, prepare your meals and eat when it suits you.

In each kitchen, you’ll find cupboard space, cookers, microwaves, and fridge-freezers. Self-catering is a great option if you want to:

  • have the freedom to plan your food and mealtimes;
  • improve your cooking skills and learn new recipes;
  • plan your time around work or caring commitments;
  • get to know your flatmates or cook together.

Our self-catered halls are:

Mealtimes and example menus

Catering times

Fallowfield halls offer catering five days a week (Monday to Friday) with breakfast served between 7.30am and 9.30am and dinner served between 5.15pm and 7.15pm.

Victoria Park halls offer catering seven days a week with the same mealtimes as Fallowfield halls but with the addition of brunch (Saturday and Sunday, 11.30am to 1pm) and dinner (Saturday and Sunday, 5.15pm to 6.30pm).

Catering is available every week except for vacation dates and bank holidays, therefore offered 34 of the 41 weeks of your licence agreement.

Example menu


  • Five-item cooked breakfast with toast.
  • Cereal, fruit and yoghurt bar.
  • Fairtrade hot and cold beverages.


  • Choice of hot main dish (vegan, vegetarian, fish or meat).
  • Salad bar.
  • Choice of dessert (warm dessert, fresh fruit salad, yoghurt or a piece of fruit).
  • Fairtrade hot and cold beverages.

View example menus (PowerPoint, 217KB).

Pay as you go

If you’d like to move into self-catered halls but still enjoy some cooked meals, you can pay as you go.

This option offers the flexibility to choose from either breakfast and/or dinner on a one-off basis, for a full term or a whole year.

Find all options and prices for 2023/24 (PDF, 44KB).

Sustainable meals

We care about looking after our environment, local communities and students

You’ll be able to enjoy your meals knowing that everything has been:

  • sourced locally and seasonally;
  • sustainably farmed, caught or raised to help guard the welfare of animals and protect our environment;
  • prepared in energy and water-efficient environments, and with all waste managed properly.

Read our Sustainable Food Policy (PDF, 523KB) to learn more about the University’s commitment to ethical and responsible food sourcing.

Special requirements

We also offer 'lifestyle-moderated' halls, which are more reserved in respect of alcohol, parties and noise. While we can’t guarantee a permanently quiet or alcohol-free environment, we always try to group like-minded people together.

Family and seasonal accommodation

The University doesn’t provide accommodation for families with children, but we do have a very limited supply for couples at Horniman House.

Many of our students with families or partners use Manchester Student Homes to find flats or houses in the private rental sector.

The University Centre for Academic English offers some accommodation in summer to students studying pre-sessional courses; contact to find out more.