University signs new partnership with behavioural science and technology organisation

The University of Manchester has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Greater Manchester-based organisation KultraLab Limited, which will formalise and strengthen the partnership through new research, development and knowledge exchange activities. 

The MoU will create a framework to build on an already fruitful relationship, and will develop collaboration roadmaps to expand the breadth and depth of the partnership in areas including Behavioural AI, Organisational Psychology and High Performance Culture and Behaviours.

KultraLab is a behavioural science and technology organisation, and they have developed a behaviour change coaching platform to enable organisations to create high-performing teams through AI coaching.

“The partnership between The University of Manchester and KultraLab started in 2020, and has organically grown and expanded into multiple collaborations across the Faculty of Humanities and Science and Engineering,” said Caroline Stanton, Head of SME Partnership in the University’s Business Engagement and Knowledge Exchange Team. “The signing of this MoU represents an exciting milestone in the partnership and will provide a strategic framework to strengthen and diversify collaborative opportunities, continue to foster a culture of knowledge exchange and enrich both organisations with valuable benefits.”

“This is a momentous occasion between The University of Manchester and KultraLab that signifies the strength of our existing relationship and the potential for how we will research, innovate and drive impact together,” said Amy King, Chief Behavioural Science Officer at KultraLab. “The MoU represents a mutual opportunity to share expertise, resources and research in a focused and meaningful way, helping us to advance capabilities in behavioural AI to make a positive difference to the world of work.”

We are excited by what we can achieve together. This partnership represents commitment, ongoing collaboration and a focus to further our mission of unlocking manager potential through intelligent coaching of high-performance behaviours at scale.

Amy King, Chief Behavioural Science Officer at KultraLab

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