Call for volunteers: Can we improve memory in older age?

Samantha Booth, PhD student at The University of Manchester is looking for individuals who would be willing to share their views on her study.

Supervised by Dr Gorana Pobric, Dr Jason Taylor and Dr Laura Brown, the project aims to investigate whether we can improve everyday skills (such as memory) through computer-based ‘brain training’.

During the study, brain training would be accompanied by ‘Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation’ (tACS). tACS is a simple technique which involves the use of two sponge electrodes placed on the scalp. This technique has been widely used in different participant groups (e.g. in healthy children/adults, disordered populations) with the aim of improving everyday skills.

Samantha would like to have an informal discussion with individuals aged from their late 50s to late 70s about a few things, such as:

• What everyday skills do you believe decline with age? (eg. memory, multi-tasking etc.)

• What everyday skills you would benefit from improving and/or maintaining with age?

• How best to schedule the sessions in my study? (I will describe a few options)

• Your experience with technology like computers, smartphones etc.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in having an informal chat then please get in touch with Samantha via email using the contact details below.

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