Driving the energy transition to ensure a just and prosperous future

Our research is at the forefront of the energy transition. Guided by our innovative spirit and interdisciplinary outlook, we work to mitigate climate change while transforming our energy system, to enable a just and prosperous future for all.

Across every aspect of energy, from how we best harness it, to how we can transform and use it, our passionate community of researchers are committed to making a positive difference now and for generations to come. Our legacy gives us the drive to both resolve current challenges and pave the way to a clean and just energy future. 

Embracing the urgency and scale of the challenge, we’re developing solutions ready for immediate deployment, that can deliver rapid reductions in carbon emissions. Our experts across engineering, science, social science, health sciences and policy, are transcending disciplinary silos and partnering with governments, industries and communities to create interventions that deliver impactful and immediate change for people both locally and globally.

We’re looking to accelerate this transformation within the next two decades. Pushing boundaries, we’re part of a movement which will transform the energy system, and support local, regional and national leaders in meeting pressing zero carbon targets across systems and scales. We’re challenging how things are done now, exploring ways to integrate technical and social innovations into existing infrastructure, and making room for new energy capabilities that can improve people’s lives.

For future generations, we’re harnessing our curiosity to advance the fundamental science. We’re building our capability to anticipate new energy and materials challenges as AI and digitisation reshape our world, and exploring how new technologies from nuclear fusion to biologically produced hydrogen, could change the way we produce and use energy forever.

At Manchester, we do more than just research. We innovate to create impact that lasts.

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