New blog exploring the crucial role of diversified knowledge in environmental innovation

MIOIR’s Martina Ayoub and Stephane Lhuillery from BETA, University of Strasbourg, are set to investigate what it takes to eco-innovate by exploring the knowledge components that can drive environmental innovation.

Martina Blog

In this blog MIOIR Researcher Martina Ayoub and Stephane Lhuillery from BETA, University of Strasbourg have explored the knowledge components that drive environmental innovation. They found that firms' investment in green research and development (R&D) is essential for developing eco-innovation. The study also found that R&D activities in biotech and information and communication technologies (ICT) are drivers of eco-innovation.

The researchers pushed the boundaries of knowledge by exploring the existence of complementarities between the different R&D fields. Also, they found that firms successfully combine biotech R&D and green R&D to eco-innovate, but knowledge diversification has limitations. The researchers recommend that policies promoting innovation should not solely focus on narrow categorisations of research but should also support broader knowledge applications across various technological fields, including ICT and biotech. They suggest that private and public R&D spending should be increased and greater efforts should be made to encourage the development of complementary technologies.

You can read the full blog here.