Participants required for study on finances for self-employed, freelance, temporary, or zero-hour contract workers

Researchers at the University of Manchester are looking at how individuals working on insecure contracts have fared financially during COVID-19, and what impact people feel these contracts have on their everyday lives and finances.

If you are currently a self-employed or freelance worker, or if you work on a zero-hour or temporary contract, the research team would love to hear from you.

They are welcoming participants from all sectors. In particular, the researchers would like to speak to individuals aged 30-50 who are earning roughly between £12,000-£20,000 per annum and living in Greater Manchester or the surrounding northwest region of England.

The research team is especially interested in understanding how people in this kind of work manage their financial situation in the absence of benefits from an employer such as full-time hours, sick pay, maternity pay, and pensions. They believe that working in a more precarious situation places an increased level of personal or financial risk on people that in other kinds of work would be shared with an employer, and they want to know how people feel about that.

To find out more or to take part in an online Zoom or Skype interview please contact Kris Fuzi: kristian.fuzi@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk

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