University of Manchester research informs European Commission Recommendation on energy poverty

The European Commission has published a report drawing on evidence from The University of Manchester, which advises member states on how to take to tackle energy poverty across the EU.  

The Commission presents 25 recommendations, including the prioritisation of measures to address root causes of energy poverty, a socially just transition to renewables, training for policy makers, and the development and scaling up of financing schemes.  

The report refers to the University of Manchester-led report Towards an inclusive energy transition in the European Union – Confronting energy poverty amidst a global crisis, and the POWER UP project that the University partners in, that promotes the emergence of local energy market players with a socio-ecological agenda. A number of publications stemming from the ENGAGER project, established and led by the researchers at The University of Manchester, are also referenced.   

Accompanying the Commission Recommendation, the EU guidance on energy poverty Staff Working Document cites a further University of Manchester publication, Spatializing energy justice  

On the Recommendation, and the inclusion and citation of research from The University of Manchester, Professor Stefan Bouzarovski comments, “The extensive presence of University of Manchester-led academic and policy work in these high-level policy documents testifies to the far-reaching impact of our energy research. For over a decade, we have been working hard to address energy injustices across the UK and Europe. Some of our efforts are now reflected in these new legal frameworks, which will impact the lives of millions of people across Europe and beyond.” 

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