Multicultural Manchester: postgraduate student profile

After choosing Manchester for its academic quality, Khalis Noori (MSc International Development ) fell in love with its people. Multicultural diversity, friendly societies and personalised support all combined to give him an unforgettable learning experience that has set him up “perfectly” for his future.


On choosing Manchester

“I chose Manchester not only because of the city itself, which is amazing, but also the teaching and the ranking of the University. The University in my field ranks third in the world after Oxford and Cambridge.”

On multiculturalism

“When I got to Manchester I found all the world in one place. On my course we had people from Turkey to Egypt, from Kenya to Nigeria, from USA to Canada, from Pakistan to Afghanistan.

“It was easy to connect with each other, not only to be friends, but also to learn from each other. I got to know a lot about different countries and their people and their personal experiences.”

On societies

“As a postgrad student I thought I might be isolated, studying all the time. That didn’t happen. I joined the Persian Society, where we held cultural events and invited students and people from outside the University. I joined a public speaking society, which really improved my skills in that area.

“I learned how to function more effectively doing different things at the same time. Multitasking is a great skill that I have now.”

On support

“If I compare the level of support I received at Manchester to my undergrad degree [in London], here it is absolutely the best. The librarians; my School administrators; the professors, teachers, lecturers – they all had a big impact on my studies and on my success.

“My supervisor was very special. Without his support it would have made my time a lot harder, I would maybe have given up. He was brilliant, and we are still in touch.”

On the future

“I’m working now with the British Council. I am still in contact with one of the University careers advisers, who sees my CV regularly and updates me about opportunities that I can apply for. I want to work for the United Nations, or the World Bank.

“At Manchester I learned everything that I wanted to and equipped myself perfectly. I am ready for the next adventure in life.”