Facilities for all

Akash Nair, MPhys Physics with Theoretical Physics, from Malaysia, has made full use of the study spaces on campus, from the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons to the Library and had access to multiple labs for his experiments.

What made you choose Manchester?

I first chose to come to Manchester because the University is really good for physics, and also because I’m a big Manchester United fan.


Why did you decide to do physics?

I considered different science and engineering courses but I realised that I was more interested in the mathematical side of physics. Looking at the rankings of UK universities, I realised that Manchester was highly rated for this subject.

How have you found the facilities at the University?

Our lab is really well-equipped for all the experiments I’ve done so far. We’ve used quite a lot of different types of equipment, especially in first and second year where we cover short periods of lots of different types of labs. Used lots of equipment from telescopes to interferometers. Some of my course-mates have even got the chance to work with the telescope at Jodrell Bank.

What do you think of the campus?

I really like the campus, because it’s in-between a city and campus-based university so it’s very homely. There’s loads of places to go, and in the first and second year when I had gaps between lectures I really liked to spend time in the Manchester Museum. Most of my study time was spent in the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons and the Library, but I’ve also spent a lot of time in a library dedicated to my course.

What advice do you have for people thinking of coming to Manchester?

Enjoy your time here, it will disappear quite fast. Study hard, work consistently but remember to have fun as well!