A slice of success

Having approached the University Careers Service for advice on applying for a summer internship, Kush landed a job working on a research project in the US – tasting pizza. The Careers Service helped him with his CV and supported him through the application process.


On my summer internship

“I spent my summer break in the USA as part of an internship I secured through the Careers Service. It was a research project looking into the different styles of pizza across the US, so I got to eat a lot of pizza! It was really good fun. It was a long process, with the application and interviews, but it was definitely worth it.”


On finding a job

“The Careers Service is always posting vacancies online, and there’s a direct link to this from the University’s online learning portal, Blackboard. Their listings include everything – summer internships, short-term opportunities and full-time graduate roles – so it’s really easy to find the kind of thing you want. It’s well organised and convenient for students.”

On careers support

“I met with a careers adviser when I was applying for my internship. She really helped me with my CV – adding some things and removing others, creating a bespoke CV for the employer. I’d rate the support five out of five – they were really helpful. Even once the internship had started, they still kept in touch and really helped me.

I’d rate the support five out of five – they were really helpful.

“I think the Careers Service is really important – eventually all students have to make a decision about what they want to do after university. The Careers Service guides you through the process of finding the right job for you.”

On other ways to boost my CV

“I fundraise for Unicef through the Indian Society of Manchester and I volunteer for Hindu festivals. Not only are these great ways to make new friends, but they’re an added benefit to your CV. I enjoy volunteering – it’s really fun.”


Kush Bhatia
BSc in International Business, Economics and Finance