A balancing act

Lamia Mahfouz, BSc Physics, from the United Arab Emirates, was looking for balance between size and the number of people at her choice of university, as well as things to do.

What made you choose Manchester?

Initially the idea was in my head because my older cousins also went to the University. When I was applying, it felt like the right direction to be heading in.


What was it about the city that drew you to the University?

I always felt there was something that was calling me to Manchester. I didn’t want to feel like a lost fish in a sea of people, but at the same time I didn’t want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere. I wanted it to be a balance between size and the number of people, as well as things to do.

What are your favourite places in the city?

There's always something to do as my favourite places change across my University experience. When I first came to University, there were all sorts of nights out for people with different tastes in music. Overall Manchester provides something extra to places that exist elsewhere. There’s always something new to try, new things opening, new food and experiences.

Manchester is always moving forward as the world evolves. It's particularly great how accessible vegan food is here, as well as things like sustainable clothing. Manchester is ahead of its time.

How have you found the campus?

One thing I love about the campus is that there is no fence so the University is very much integrated with the city. It’s almost like the city is built around the campus rather than the campus built in the city. I get bored of places to study quite quickly so I alternate a lot between different spaces around the University, including the gem of my own course library. 

What surprised you most about the University and the city when you first came?

I always knew that Manchester was an international University, but I was surprised by the diversity. I was afraid that I would feel out of place, but I can’t imagine anyone feeling that they don’t belong.