An international perspective

From moving to a new country to gaining new perspectives, hear from Nicole Oloo, BAEcon Economics and Development, about what it's like to study at Manchester.

What was it like moving to another country to study?

It wasn’t my first time living abroad, I lived in Singapore before I moved to Manchester and I’ve also lived in London and Tanzania. I was worried that I would be the only person from a different place, but that is definitely not the case.


What was it like when you first got here?

I was also happy to see so many people walking on Oxford Road; this is still one of my favourite things. On Monday when everyone is rushing and you pass so many different of people on your way to class, you really feel like you’re a part of history – being a part of a respectable institution and taking classes in traditional old buildings. At the same time it’s a place where you can bring something new and I feel that this is very inspiring. I also like the respectability; people know about Manchester and that it’s a good place to study. It makes me proud to be a part of it.

How do you think being here has helped you develop?

Being at Manchester has made me critical in the best way, I don’t just take things at face value, I question why things happen and it has made me very aware of how diverse people can be. My life experiences have not been the same as everyone else’s but that’s okay, and I can learn from that.

Manchester has really made me value having discussions. Especially for me, discussions about global inequality, poverty, what is the best way for countries to develop, who has power, how they use it, how they get it.

I now want to look at the issues that I care about and want to think more about how I can be helpful.

Has this affected the career path you want to go in to?

I think I always wanted to work with NGOs and international development – I was like “Yeah I want to go – I want to save all those people”.  I realise now it’s a bit more complicated, but I’m motivated and able to do it. 

Overall what would you say has been the highlight of your time here?

I have made some really great friendships that have challenged the way that I see the world, that have exposed me to different ways of life and different perspectives. The people I have met here have showed me that, even though we haven’t come from the same places, and even if we aren’t going to the same places, we can find things to respect and enjoy about each other.  

So what would you say to someone thinking of coming here?

I would just say you should apply to Manchester if you want to learn more about the world, more about yourself and if you are interested in working hard and getting new perspectives.