A welcoming community

Inspired by his brother studying at Manchester, Sultan Al-Shidhani, Law LLB, from Oman, loved how welcoming the University was.

Has Manchester lived up to your expectations?

Yes, it definitely has. It was very welcoming, especially from when I arrived when I faced some difficulties trying to settle. I got out of my comfort zone and tried to network and build new relationships, and from there I found that everyone was welcoming, kind and supportive.


What would you recommend most about the University?

I'd recommend the variety of societies on offer at the University, which could help you develop a variety of transferable skills depending on what your ambition or career goals are.

As a person that is interested in Corporate Law, the University offers a society on commercial awareness and current affairs, which really helps me to develop the necessary skills that employers look for.

How important were rankings and reputation in choosing Manchester?

The fact that The University of Manchester is part of the Russell Group attracted me because it would allow me to get a high-quality education at the same time as enjoying the wonderful life that Manchester has to offer.

What else did you take into consideration when making your choice?

I also looked at the city itself when choosing where to study. The city is very diverse and there are people from very different backgrounds. Before I came to university, I used to visit my brother who also studied at Manchester, and I really loved how welcoming it was to different people and different backgrounds.