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Year of entry: 2024

Course unit details:
Pre Hyksos Egypt

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Unit code CAHE51110
Credit rating 40
Unit level Level 1
Teaching period(s) Full year
Offered by Classics, Ancient History & Egyptology
Available as a free choice unit? No


Year 1: From Predynastic Egypt to the Hyksos Period




•To review the prehistory, history and archaeology of the period from Predynastic Egypt to the Hyksos Period, evaluating evidence from a variety of source materials.

•To introduce students to the study of museum objects.

•To introduce students to the use of online resources.

•To introduce students to the study of Egyptian hieroglyphs.


Learning outcomes

Knowledge of:

•The principal sources for the study of Egyptology;

•The basis of Egyptian chronology

•The geography of Egypt

•The evidence, key figures, events, social organisation, religion, funerary beliefs and customs, art, architecture and literature relating to the period

•The history of the interpretation of hieroglyphs


Skills acquired:

•Understanding of the critical considerations underlying the use of sources for the study of ancient Egypt

•Understanding of the development and decipherment of hieroglyphs



Topic 1.1: Introduction and Background to Ancient Egypt

•1.1(1): Introduction to the Course

•1.1(2): The Geographical Background

•1.1(3): Dating Ancient Egypt

•1.1(4): The Archaeological Background


Topic 1.2: Earliest Egypt

•1.2(1): Predynastic Egypt

•1.2(2): Unification

•1.2(3): Funerary Customs and Beliefs

•1.2(4): The Early Dynastic Period (Dynasties 1-2)


Topic 1.3: The Old Kingdom

•1.3(1): Dynasty 3: The Step Pyramid

•1.3(2): Dynasty 4: Snefru and the Evolution of the True Pyramid

•1.3(3): Dynasty 4: The Great Pyramids

•1.3(4): Dynasties 5 and 6: Sun Temples and Pyramid Texts


Topic 1.4: Collapse and Recovery: The First Intermediate Period

•1.4(1): A Basic Introduction to Egyptian Art

•1.4(2): Old Kingdom Texts

•1.4(3): The First Intermediate Period (Dynasties 7- early 11)

•1.4(4): Recovery (Dynasty 11)


Topic 1.5: The Early Middle Kingdom (Dynasty 12)

•1.5(1): Dynasty 12

•1.5(2): Foreign Affairs

•1.5(3): Osiris and the Afterlife

•1.5(4): The Two Brothers: A Case Study


Topic 1.6: The Late Middle Kingdom and the Second Intermediate Period

•1.6(1): Jewellery

•1.6(2): Domestic Architecture: the Town of Kahun

•1.6(3): Everyday Life in the Middle Kingdom

•1.6(4): The Second Intermediate Period


Topic 1.7: Language Studies I

•1.7(1): Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

•1.7(1): The Decipherment of Egyptian Hieroglyphs

•1.7(2): The Names of the Gods

•1.7(3): Advanced Tutorial: Reading Royal Names


End of Year Activity (non-compulsory)


Transferable skills and personal qualities

•An ability to gain access to, and make appropriate use of, source materials in libraries and museums,

•An ability to gain access to, and make appropriate use of, online source materials,

•An ability to use sources accurately and begin to apply critical judgement,

•·An ability to present structured and reasoned written work with appropriate referencing,

•Problem solving,

•Computer skills.


Assessment methods

Formative assessment: Completion of Personal Portfolio; posting of at least two-thirds activity work to the discussion boards; completion of all quizzes

Summative assessment: Two essays each of 2,500 words


Study hours

Independent study hours
Independent study 400

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