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Year of entry: 2024

Course unit details:
Dynasty 18

Course unit fact file
Unit code CAHE52220
Credit rating 40
Unit level Level 1
Teaching period(s) Full year
Offered by Classics, Ancient History & Egyptology
Available as a free choice unit? No


Year 2: The 18th Dynasty (from the Beginning of the New Kingdom to the Establishment of the 19th Dynasty)



•To review the history, social history and archaeology of the 18th Dynasty and evaluate evidence from a variety of source materials

•To study aspects of Egyptian hieroglyphs                                                    


Learning outcomes

Knowledge of:

•The evidence archaeological and historical evidence for the 18th dynasty

•Key figures and events

•Social and military organisation

•Religion and the cult of Amen

•Medical practice, funerary beliefs and customs

•Art, architecture and literature relating to the period from the beginning of the New Kingdom to the reign of Horemheb

•Key features of writing and grammar necessary for translation of simple hieroglyph texts into English


Skills Acquired:

•Understanding of the critical considerations which need to be taken account of in the use of sources for the study of Egyptology

•An ability to translate simple texts from Egyptian hieroglyphs into English



Topic 2.1: Language Studies II

•2.1(1): Introduction to the Offering Formula

•2.1(2): The Mysteries of Osiris

•2.1(3): A Family Affair

•2.1(4): Advanced Tutorial "Oh you living who pass by this monument"


Topic 2.2: The Early New Kingdom

•2.2(1): From Ahmose I to Amenhotep I

•2.2(2): Mistress of the House

•2.2(3): Education

•2.2(4): Medical Practice


Topic 2.3: The Early Tuthmosides

•2.3(1): From Tuthmosis I to Hatshepsut

•2.3(2): Tax and Trade

•2.3(3): Law and Order

•2.3(4): The Army


Topic 2.4: Tuthmosis III

•2.4(1): Tuthmosis III

•2.4(2): The Cult Temple

•2.4(3): The Priesthood

•2.4(4): Popular Religion


Topic 2.5: The Mid 18th Dynasty

•2.5(1): From Amenhotep II to Amenhotep III

•2.5(2): Royal and Private Tombs

•2.5(3): Mortuary Temples and Mummies

•2.5(4): The Community at Deir el-Medina


Topic 2.6: The Amarna Period

•2.6(1): Amenhotep IV-Akhenaten

•2.6(2): The Aten

•2.6(3): Amarna Art

•2.6(4): Amarna


Topic 2.7: The Post-Amarna Period

•2.7(1): The End of the Amarna Age

•2.7(2): Smenkhkare and Tomb 55

•2.7(3): Tutankhamen

•2.7(4): Ay and Horemheb


End of Year Activity (non-compulsory)

•This activity includes preliminary information about the Year 3 Extended Essay


Transferable skills and personal qualities

•An ability to make appropriate use of source materials in libraries and museums

•An ability to use sources accurately and with critical judgement

•An ability to present structured and reasoned written work with appropriate referencing

•Problem solving

•Computer Skills                                                                    


Assessment methods

•Formative assessment: Completion of Personal Portfolio; posting of at least two-thirds activity work to the discussion boards; completion of all quizzes

•Summative assessment: Two essays each of 3,000 words


Study hours

Independent study hours
Independent study 400

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