Case study – NeuTec Pharma

NeuTec Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company that evolved as a commercial enterprise from The University of Manchester’s Infectious Diseases Research Unit.

The company now has two antibody products in multinational clinical trials that were developed, like all of NeuTec's products, in a different way to the traditional approach used by conventional pharmaceutical companies.

An innovative approach to product development

Other companies screen numerous chemical compounds for activity against bacteria and fungi. However, many of these compounds will be too toxic for human use.

In contrast, NeuTec identifies naturally occurring and potentially protective antibodies from patients who have recovered from bacterial and fungal infections and then uses them to generate 'grabs' to treat these infections. As a result, these 'grabs' are likely to be intrinsically safer than antibiotics.

NeuTec's pioneering approach to the identification of new microbial targets has given it a strong patent position for the development of new therapeutic agents against a diverse range of infectious diseases.

NeuTec company history

Intellectual property rights were transferred from The Victoria University of Manchester into the new company in 1997, and the company has steadily grown since this time. Flotation on the Alternative Investment Market took place in 2002.