Access world-class expertise

Consultancy is a quick and flexible way of engaging with The University of Manchester, providing your organisation with access to the expertise you need, when you need it.

Whether it’s an expert in oncology, an up-and-coming academic in environmental science with new ideas, or a group of academics who can provide valuable insight to a project, consultancy can help to give you the edge and discover the best solutions to your challenges. 

Consultancy opportunities

With close to 7,000 academic and research staff at the University, we offer an unrivalled pool of expertise and experience across our three Faculties.

Consultancy is used to describe a breadth of activities; typically short, non-research based and flexible, where you need access to existing expertise, such as:

  • technical knowledge;
  • specialist opinion;
  • contribution to Advisory Boards;
  • expert witness services;
  • production of specialist reports or literature reviews.

Why hire consultants from The University of Manchester?

Collaborating with the University offers a number of benefits for your organisation, including:

  • access to world-class and industry-leading expertise that isn’t available anywhere else;
  • the opportunity to build relationships with academics and the University;
  • insights into the leading edge of science, discovery, and innovation;
  • fruitful collaboration with one of the top universities in the world on an affordable, short-term basis;
  • flexible working with researchers and academics to gain expertise when you need it.