Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority

Big data and urban waste management – using big data for strategic policy making in urban waste management services in Greater Manchester.

Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (GMWDA) is England’s largest waste disposal authority.

It provides the region with a world-class, environmentally sustainable solution to its 1.1 million tonnes of waste produced each year.

We have been able to use GMWDA’s interest to guide our research … It has been great to have GMWDA on board from the start of the project to guide us in areas that they would find useful for the future.

Dr Camilla Lewis / Research Associate, The University of Manchester

One of the key benefits of the collaborations for us has been the access we have had to really discuss these issues in depth with practitioners.

Professor Penny Harvey / Professor of Social Anthropology, The University of Manchester

I am convinced the work we are doing here can be rolled out on a national basis.

John Bland / Treasurer and Deputy Clerk, GMWDA