Migrants' Rights Network

Migrants' Rights Network is a national NGO working and campaigning in support of migrants in the UK.

It’s been a really positive experience, adding real value to our work and giving us an opportunity to delve in depth into an issue that’s really important in campaigning terms.

Ruth Grove White / Policy Director, Migrants’ Rights Network

We’ve been able to engage in an issue that is very topical but also goes to the fundamentals of our democracy and how we treat our people.

Jon Spencer / Senior Lecture in Criminal Justice, The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester, in partnership with the Migrants’ Rights Network, is investigating the routes to migrants becoming undocumented and suggested policy reform to address the challenges in the current immigration system.

By sharing key policy recommendations with policy makers and developing a policy briefing, the University is contributing to national policy debate on undocumented migrants both in Greater Manchester and across the UK.