PZ Cussons KTP

PZ Cussons is a multinational consumer goods business that manufactures and distributes some of the most familiar household brands in the world, from Imperial Leather to Cussons Baby.

We get access to a leading academic, access to equipment that we couldn't afford or maintain, and we also get an additional team member.

Dr Paul Cornwell / Senior Technology Leader, PZ Cussons

The product we developed is just the tip of the iceberg. There are some really big things that may develop out of it.

Franz Wortmann / Professor of Fibre and Textile Technology, The University of Manchester

The company utilised The University of Manchester's specialist expertise in Materials Science to get the first home hair-straightening kit on the market.

A world-renowned academic, a technical lead from PZ Cussons and a recent graduate formed a project team dedicated to ensuring knowledge flowed from the University into the company.