Funding for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme is a UK-wide programme, run and managed on behalf of 13 government funding organisations by Innovate UK.

Each partnership is funded partly through the government, with the balance of the project costs coming from the company partner. Grant funding between 50% and 67% is available for projects, dependant upon company size.

How the The University of Manchester Knowledge Exchange Team can help you

Accessing and applying for funding can be a complex and confusing landscape for both business and academics. The University of Manchester Knowledge Exchange Team provides full cradle-to-grave support for your project.

From initial contact, we provide guidance and support on project team formation, including helping idenfitication of suitable partners where needed, work plan and business case development and KTP application writing and submission.

You will work with one of our Knowledge Exchange Managers who will work extensively with you and the KTP project team to actively develop your submission to ensure that your bid is of the highest quality upon submission.  We have a strong track record of up to 95% of submissions being awarded the grant and the University has supported over 250 KTP projects.

There are regular deadlines for the submission of your KTP project application. Our experienced Knowledge Exchange Managers will work with you to develop and support your submission. Get in touch to disccuss starting the process.

If you have a project that you think may be suitable for KTP, contact us for more information.