COVID-19 research appeal

Help us lead the global fight against COVID-19 as our researchers work to develop a new vaccine and treatments for this devastating disease.

The University of Manchester’s leading researchers are working around the clock to discover life-saving breakthroughs and create solutions to this global pandemic.

To accelerate and scale up this research, we need your support.

By donating to our appeal today, you can make a difference to how quickly and effectively Manchester scientists can combat this devastating disease and reduce suffering and loss of life. 

Manchester’s COVID-19 research

At The University of Manchester, we've harnessed the power of more than 150 of our researchers, scientists and clinicians across Greater Manchester.

We're working to defeat this virus from all angles with a focus on developing and testing new treatments that can lessen the severity of the disease and prevent death. 

This work is just one area of vital research that has been able to mobilise at pace through generous philanthropy. Thank you to those who have supported Manchester and been part of our fight against this disease. These are difficult times, but our experts remain as determined as ever to succeed.

Manchester is perfectly placed to lead the fight against COVID-19. We're the only city to have control of a devolved health and social care budget from a national government. This unparalleled position allows the University and the NHS Trust partnership the agility to fast track the translation of research findings through to clinical practice and patient care at scale and pace.

The only way we will find solutions at speed is by working together  from scientists in the lab and NHS workers on the frontline, to members of our community generously committing to support our life-saving research.

Your gift will make a vital difference in accelerating the fight against COVID-19.

Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell / President and Vice-Chancellor at The University of Manchester

How can you help?

We've responded quickly, but to continue to invest in the areas we think will have the biggest impact, we need your support so that research isn't held up by financial restrictions or funding obstacles.

By donating to our appeal today, you can make a difference. Together, we can seek the solutions to defeat COVID-19.

Discuss your gift

If you would like to make a gift of £25,000 or more to Manchester’s Covid-19 research, please contact Delyth Roberts, Head of Philanthropy (Health) on +44 (0) 7557 179845 or email