Manchester-Melbourne-Toronto (MMT) Research Fund

The MMT Research Fund was the first major initiative of our new trilateral alliance and is open to applications from all research areas.

In recognition of strong bilateral partnerships between the universities of Manchester, Melbourne and Toronto, the three institutions formed a trilateral alliance in 2021. 

The alliance aims to facilitate further collaboration between the three partners, drawing on joint expertise and resources.

About the MMT fund

The University of Manchester, the University of Melbourne, and the University of Toronto are contributing matching funds to support collaborative bilateral and trilateral research initiatives through a joint call for proposals.

The overall aim of the MMT Research Fund is to encourage and provide initial support for the development of high-quality research activities that include early career researchers. Funding is available from each of the three institutions to develop bilateral or trilateral research projects. The Fund seeks to support proposals that will lead to long-term research collaborations with a view to enabling principal investigators to subsequently apply for external funding to support the next phase of their joint research.

The Fund is open to applications from all research areas and up to 15 proposals will be selected for funding.

Proposals demonstrating strong relevance to strategic priorities at the participating institutions and that aim to provide opportunities for collaborative doctoral training and mobility at a future stage are encouraged.

Key dates

  • Call for proposals launches: 27 March 2023
  • Submission deadline: 1 June 2023 (5pm GMT)
  • Results announced: August 2023
  • Awards start: September 2023

Application information

Further information

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the relevant contact at each university:

The University of Manchester
Joanne Jacobs, International Relations

The University of Melbourne
Kim Turner, Researcher Development Schemes

The University of Toronto
Kevin Rowley, International Research Officer

Previous grants awarded (2022)

Manchester lead
Melbourne lead
Toronto lead 
Faculty (UoM) 
School (UoM) 
Title of the research project 
Dr Wendy Thompson Dr Leanne Teoh Dr Sonica Singhal FBMH School of Medical Sciences  Dental antibiotic stewardship: development of a sustainable and adaptable approach
Dr Ian Mell  Dr Marie Dade Prof Tenley Conway FHUMS School of Environment, Education and Development Valuing the benefits that people perceive from their urban forests 
Dr Jo Mylan  A/Prof Jane Dyson Prof Tania Li FHUMS School of Social Sciences  University student food insecurity: towards a shared, multinational research agenda 
Prof Martie van Tongeren Dr Tania King Dr Peter Smith FBMH School of Health Sciences  Understanding and addressing long COVID impacts on work participation 
Dr Abigail Gilmore Dr Christiaan de Beukelaer Prof Deborah Leslie  FHUMS School of Arts, Languages and Cultures Beyond the creative city: new interdisciplinary topographies for creative placemaking 
 Dr Yi Jin  Dr Laura Burchill   FSE School of Natural Sciences  Missing links in global sulfur metabolism 
Dr Abi Stone Dr Jan-Hendrick May   FHUMS School of Environment, Education and Development  A southern-hemisphere perspective on human-environment relations along desert margins
Dr Jenna Mittelmeier Dr Samantha Marangell    FHUMS School of Environment, Education and Development  Spaces of global higher education: exploring the purpose of 'campus' 
Dr Viktor Schlegel Dr Daniel Beck    FSE School of Engineering Robust natural language processing for healthcare 
Dr Bahar Koymen   Dr Samuel Ronfard  FBMH School of Health Sciences  A cross-linguistic approach to children's social learning and listening 
Dr Yawei Zhao   Dr Zachary Hyde  FHUMS School of Environment, Education and Development Making rent: generational inequality and the housing crisis 
Dr Pauline Whelan   Dr Lindsay Jibb FBMH School of Health Sciences Transforming health self-management: building a trans-Atlantic digital intervention co-design lab
Dr Byron Bitanihirwe   Prof Stephen Matthews  FHUMS School of Arts, Languages and Cultures  Implications of antenatal corticosteroid exposure on neurocognitive outcomes in offspring