School boards

School boards ensure academic staff have a voice in the governance of their areas within The University of Manchester.

The Faculties of the University consist of a number of Schools, each organising, managing and delivering the work of the academic disciplines assigned to it.

In accordance with our statutes, each School has a board.

Boards are able to discuss and express opinions on any matter impinging on the work of the School.

They offer a forum for permanent academic staff to play a major role in the School’s executive management and strategic development.

Membership of School boards

The core membership of each board is made up of the body of permanent academic staff within the School, with ‘permanent’ defined as full-time or part-time staff with appointments of a year or longer.

There is scope for other types of staff, such as management, research and academic staff on shorter-term appointments to play a role on School boards.

The core membership proposes these appointments, which are then subject to approval by the Board of Governors.

Statute XV (PDF document, 111KB) and Ordinance XII (PDF document, 464KB) set out the framework for School boards.

You can also find key information on the Statute and Ordinance relating to the School boards document (PDF document, 140KB).