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Lessons from a life in sport

Chrissie Wellington OBE

Chrissie Wellington OBE, four-time World Ironman Champion, on what sport has taught her about life.

"My experience in sport, both from participating and watching, reaffirms by belief that the mind is all powerful.

"In every sporting event, there's pain, discomfort, euphoria, elation; that's part and parcel of the challenge and what we love. But you need to train your mind as much as your body to be able to deal with the lows [and] the highs – it's analogous to life. This has to take place long before race day. I love to draw the parallels between sport and life. It's no different."

Illustration of Chrissie Wellington OBE running and cycling

Chrissie Wellington OBE, illustration by Jane Naylor

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