Art History and Cultural Practices Research Seminar series

Cultural recovery: Researching the arts and heritage in times of crisis.

  • Grey bear soft toy with 'I love Manchester' written on front.How does the arts respond to traumatic events?
  • What kinds of social care and solace can artworks and the culture institutions that commission and exhibit them offer?
  • And how have artists and arts workers found their own pathways for respite and recovery from the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic?

Our international guest speakers will explore these questions and more through multidisciplinary lenses in 'Art History and Cultural Practices Research Seminar series 2021-2022 Semester 1: Cultural recovery - researching the arts and heritage in times of crisis'.

Join us on Wednesday afternoons on the following dates:

  • 3 November 2021, 4.30pm: Dr Roaa Ali, The University of Manchester - 'Diversity in Creative and Cultural Industries at the intersection of Covid and Black Lives Matter'
  • 24 November 2021, 5.15pm: Dr Nuala Morse, University of Leicester - 'Museums as space of care: COVID-19 responses'
  • 1 December 2021, 5.15pm: Dr Ana Milosevic, Leuven Institute of Criminology (LINC) - 'Hunting down a theory on monuments: memorials, trauma and healing'
  • 8 December 2021 5.15pm: Dr Dani Child, Manchester Metropolitan University and Dr Harry Weeks, Newcastle University - 'Covid-19 and the Useful Museum'

Visit the AHCP’s Eventbrite page to register for individual seminars:

The seminars will be delivered online this semester and are open for anyone to attend. 

For more details visit the Cultural Practices website or the University of Manchester's Department of Art History and Cultural Practices events webpage.

You can also follow us on Twitter via @arthistoryuom and @uomicp.

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