Author and broadcaster Jeffrey Boakye joins The University of Manchester

Written by: Joe Stafford

The University of Manchester is delighted to confirm the appointment of Jeffrey Boakye as a Senior Teaching Fellow in Manchester Institute of Education (MIE).

Originally from Brixton, Jeffrey has taught English to 11- to 18-year-olds since 2007. He is a high-profile author, broadcaster and journalist whose most recent book, I Heard What You Said (2022), explores how racism in the classroom can be dismantled. 

Jeffrey’s previous titles include Hold Tight: Black masculinity, millennials and the meaning of grime (2018) and Black, Listed: Black British culture explored (2019).

Within MIE, Jeffrey will offer guest lectures and seminars, and take on learning support roles that provide bespoke mentoring for individual students and trainee teachers. 

Jeffrey has previously given keynote presentations for MIE conferences at which he encouraged students to express themselves throughout their future professional lives, to remain aware of the transformative power of education, to maintain their intellectual curiosity, and to challenge educational orthodoxy where appropriate.

Speaking as Head of Manchester Institute of Education, Professor Steven Jones said “This is an important appointment for the MIE community. In addition to a wealth of teaching experience, Jeffrey brings insight and challenge to a department that is always open to new ideas.

“His arrival will particularly benefit the 600 trainee teachers that we prepare every year for careers in teaching, and who mostly end up in the classrooms of Great Manchester schools.”

I’m both energised and excited to be joining MIE. This appointment reflects a commitment to teacher training and education that runs at the core of my work. I’m fully looking forward to working with colleagues in this direction, helping shape the conversations and that education needs to have.

Jeffrey Boakye

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