Catch up: Practical Publishing Seminars

Manchester University Press and Creative Manchester hosted a set of seminars covering all aspects of publishing.


The Practical Publishing Seminar series is practitioner-led and explores the processes of commissioning, editing and marketing, along with design, production and formats. All seminars were hosted by Professor John McAuliffe, Professor of Poetry and Director of Creative Manchester.

If you are interested in publishing, whether you’re considering it as a potential career or are curious about the industry, you can catch up on all the seminars on the Manchester University Press website.

  1. The first seminar featured Simon Ross, Chief Executive of Manchester University Press (MUP). Simon discussed the general landscape of academic publishing, and the publications of MUP and its mission.
  2. The second seminar featured Luke Brown, published novelist and Creative Writing lecturer, as well as Commissioning Editor at Serpent’s Tail. Luke covered the challenges of publishing today, but also highlights the rewards of the industry.
  3. The third seminar featured Ellah P Wakatama, Editor at Large for Canongate, Creative Manchester Senior Research Fellow, Creative Writing Lecturer, and more. Ellah spoke about the commissioning and editing process, including issues ranging from representation, trends, and the publisher’s voice.
  4. The fourth seminar featured Michael Schmidt, founder of Carcanet Press and PN Review. Michael talks about independent presses publishing poetry, and the state of magazine publication.
  5. The fifth and final seminar featured Chris Hart, Head of Marketing at Manchester University Press. Chris dives into a variety of marketing areas, including book presentation and promotion, and how marketing teams work with authors.

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