Dr Billy Haworth to assist in development of hazard toolkit for secondary geography teachers

Dr Billy Haworth, Lecturer in International Disaster Management, is to collaborate with Dr Lisa Ficklin, from Manchester Metropolitan University, to develop a digital toolkit to support teachers to teach pupils about hazards.

The toolkit will focus on simulating disaster events in real time from the perspective of key actors.

Students will be able to analyse primary data from images, GIS data and policy documents to produce a response strategy which dynamically responds to changes in the simulation.

The aim of the toolkit is to integrate physical and human geography through enquiry based learning and contextualised problem solving and will have a number of adaptations to make it suitable for different class sizes and year groups

The toolkit is funded by the Innovative Geography Teaching Grant provided by the Royal Geography Society.

Every year the grant offers two awards of £1,000 to a secondary level geography teacher and university collaborator for the development of imaginative and creative educational resources.

This year, Lisa Ficklin is one of the winners.

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