Dr Sheena Johnson presents at social change and ageing workshop

The virtual workshop focused on refining and further defining the scope and focus of social change and ageing research.

The Thomas Ashton Institute held the workshop on 24 September, with presentations and discussions on the challenges and evidence needs relating to social change and ageing research. This covered perspectives from industries such as transport and logistics, health and social care, construction and manufacturing and waste and recycling.

Amongst the speakers was Dr Sheena Johnson, a key member of MICRA and recently appointed as Research Theme Lead for Social Change and Ageing in the Thomas Ashton Institute.

Sheena’s presentation described the five broad research areas of the Social Change and Ageing theme: sleep/fatigue, shift work/working patterns, skills, violence and health. The presentation also referenced the HSE & TAI collaborative research, and other external collaborations, including the recent MICRA/TAI webinar: COVID 19: Considering the impact on older workers. This webinar featured presenters from the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub & Centre for Ageing Better.

You can view all presentations from the workshop here:

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