Egyptology MA is ‘first of its kind’

A new master’s in Egyptology offered by the University of Manchester’s School of Arts, Languages and Cultures is the first of its kind to be entirely online.

Led by Dr Nicky Nielsen, MA Egyptology is already accepting admissions from those wishing to deep dive into ancient Egyptian society and culture, including art, history, archaeology and texts from the ancient civilisation.

“The online MA in Egyptology is an innovative programme in many ways,” explained Nicky. “It's the first of its kind in the world for a start, it offers students an unrivalled flexibility in terms of time management and organisation while allowing them the opportunity to study alongside a diverse cohort of students worldwide.”

The course takes two years to complete on a part-time basis and students are assigned to an academic advisor and dissertation supervisor who will offer tutoring via email and Skype teleconferences. The course has been designed with those with existing work or personal commitments in mind, allowing students to study remotely and with some flexibility, and not requiring attendance at the University of Manchester campus.

In addition to the core modules of the course MA Egyptology allows students to pick their own specialisms within the course, including Middle Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Gender and Identity in Pharaonic Egypt, and the Amarna Period. The course also brings practical modules such as how to organise museum exhibits, publishing at various levels, and how to apply for research funding, preparing students for a career in the heritage sector or in academia.

“The course aims to prepare students both for further study - by focusing heavily on academic skills and research design strategies - and for a career in the heritage sector,” added Nicky. “Lectures and guest lectures given by a variety of academics and museum professionals, assessments, and assignments have been specifically designed to provide the students with a wide range of skills appropriate to the modern Egyptologist.”

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